Next Step.. House

I’m overwhelmed all over again!

Just like my wedding planning. But this time around, I’ll only have a few months of planning and coordination. Took a year on my wedding+honeymoon planning. lol

Got the keys to my BTO less than 2 weeks back. Empty house. No flooring, no grills, no doors. Starting from scratch! Should’ve done this before we got the keys, but, I wasn’t in the mood to think too much. Going to seperate the different suppliers and contractors to do different jobs and parts of the house, instead of the all-in-one sort. The real discussions with the different contractors for quotation and checking of quality, etc will start this weekend.

I actually feel super lucky and blessed. Didn’t know that our house is so near to so many places, except my office. lol. The train station is merely a 5 minutes walk away, a new big shopping mall, which reminds me of ViVo mall is just beside that. Well, of course, a river by our rows of flat. The perfectionist girl obviously had planned which house to purchase. It has been nice and airy/windy in our house! Had checked the sunrise/sunset locations and whether the air circulation would be good. We had a look at a contractor’s open house at one of the nearby flats and it was super hot there. Err… I was just used to living at the 20th floor with my parents in a big apartment. I love the airy, clean and spacious feeling.

Yup… You can just imagine how my house design will be! So many things to buy, as well. Going to be brooooooke for the next few years. Long exciting journey ahead. Will also be buying a new hutch for the bunny and a new cat tower (super tall one, this time) for the cats. More space for them to roam around. Then, we’ll get a few more pets. lol.

❤ Icesabel


5 thoughts on “Next Step.. House

  1. Hahaha I am laughing these cats will be king of a castle and Icesabel will crawl underneath all the platforms. Smiling, feeding.
    Donkey Kong any one.
    And in a free minute hang against your balcony and feel on top of the world.

    Congratulations Princess and that broke part will be more than reasonable. You got a place to live with someone you want to share life with. It be worth every penny in red.

    Big hugs XX

      • Doing well thank you, I am finding my way back to a peaceful mind. repairing my own bike to be riding it more often. Feeling best when out there in the wind.
        Still ranting and raving haha it is nice to question life.

        Still looking for a game worth playing. All the automated crap just sucks. I really miss the old times of RPG. So yeah back to playing FF and picked up my old xenogear on playstation in between bike rides, blogs and computers and life in general.

        I am smiling Princess and I do hope you are to. BIg hugs

      • That’s great!! Ikr! The wind.. The sense of freedom. Love riding bikes too. 🙂
        I’m just playing Doom 2016 casually. It’s awesome, if you’re in the mood for some fps. XD
        Nice to hear that you’re doing well right now. 🙂 take care

      • Well I might be able to spend some money on that one. hahaha

        and yes wind freedom natures breath polluting my lungs LOL.

        You take care as well be well be safe and smile beautiful as life is great.


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