Upside downside

The last good one of the old batch has left. He’s moving out of Asia and shifting  to be the main director in our Syria’s office.

It isn’t just this piece of news that has made me feel a little more sentimental and dive into thinking a bit too much. One of my comrades is taking a month off of work and it makes me feel scared of losing the whole team. These people who I look forward to working with all these while. The 5 of us. The workaholic, the sleepy one, the innovative one, the quiet one and they call me the hyper one.

Getting bits of information that makes me wish that I was way more ignorant about my surroundings. Listening to sad or angry topics here and there. All the more making me feel that I should probably just hold on just a little bit longer, until this year ends, and nothing more.

It’s not that simple. I’ve realised that certain things will NOT change. How it reminds me of being in a perfectly wrong relationship and still holding on, whilst wishing and trying to change the other person or situation.
Ah… The little things that make me happy. My nubtart hubby, my naughty kitties… My night classes learning about awesome stuff… Oh yes, I’m going to collect my house keys mext month! A place I can call my own. Oh well…
What comes after all these will come as it should. Honestly, if I were to look at it with a clear mind, I don’t exactly have a direct problem. /touch wood. If I were smart, I’ll go with the flow without caring about other people’s problems. But, I’ve always been a fool. I KNOW! I know… I’m not a superhero and I’m not trying to be one. I just don’t want to see people who I care about to be sad or tired or weak. Frustrating, indeed.

This is that time when you wish you know nothing about everything.
</3 Icesabel


5 thoughts on “Upside downside

  1. Being a hero is more than helping. It is about giving something they can use to overcome while you roll with your own life. Maybe we can’t help but only lend a hand.

    Still problems are everywhere, and just maybe if we all cared enough not to cause problems we won’t help people get in troubles. But that is a dream.

    Sad truth is in the end only one person can take care of you and that be you. And that is all we can do while we still reach out. It means you have a good heart.

    Keep Smiling Princess. It isn’t over yet.
    Big hugs XX

    • Thank you. I would, but, that’d be in a few months time. The house is just built and we’d have to renovate from top to bottom first and then deco! So much work…


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