Back from the trip!

What a trip!!!

I love the training!
Learned things from Satellite communications to Sat phones to Radio communications to GPS… all the awesome stuff.
The final day ended with us been given a emergency crisis scenario and to plan from scratch.
Was placed as a team leader and oh boy… it was definitely a tough job to do!
Plus, the high stress level was real, given that pressure of having to make things happen on the fly.
Time flew by quickly and before we knew it, 5 days had passed.
Definitely enjoyed the time spent with team I was with.


So much so, that, I began to find out about another side of a story.
But, it made me realise that I’ve got the best team mate, in my region, I could ever ask for.
Realised that beneath all the crap that I sometimes have to put up with, it isn’t even a quarter as bad as the other regions are putting up with.
That although I’ve always thanked God for His blessings in giving me the best group of talented and grounded people to work with in IT, this made me even more thankful.
I feel sorry for the rest of them and just hope that things will work out for them, eventually.
Can’t help on my end. 😦

Through all these talks and discussions (outside of the training), I learned a little about myself, through the eyes of some of them.
Though most of the points are things that I already know of.
Learned that there are people who actually look up to me.
Those who envy my accomplishments.
That they find it daunting that I can be too vocal about my thoughts.
Things that people are afraid to say, because they are afraid of losing something.
I can see why, but, the fact that I’ve omitted the feeling of being scared on those terms, made things different in my point of view.
They ask why would I say such things or to tone down.
People would go… hush… hush. I would go… bla… bla.
Well, who knows… whether there actually are people from the other side who doesn’t like me around, due to that.
I’m not here to impress anyone or do every single thing like a stupid donkey, just because someone says so, even if they’re “up there”.
The extra “problem” with me is my womanly instinct, which I think some people find it a weakness/problem.
I take care of people and my different teams.
I make sure things get done.
The same way a mother would take care of her children and multi-task on her daily household chores.

You know… some people just want what they want and don’t care how they get it, even if it means breaking others down.
These are people I’d call “wolves”.
Learned that there were actually a lot of wolves behind the scenes…
And a lot of silent sheeps going about their daily routines.
Well… how’d I fit into the picture?

Through time, I’ve come to realise, as to why some would prefer to just hush it down and do the same old.
How’d I get exhausted trying to push them to change or be positive.
Not because they were never once like me.
But, because things were fruitless, no matter what they tried to do.
And I’ve been feeling the bites all these time.
Good thing is, they’re more like ant bites, so, yes…
I’ll still fight for the greater good.
However, there were times, when the thought of “the good definitely dies first” because of some repercussions and things like “I wish I hadn’t tried too hard for others”.
Oh God… the pain hurts like crazy!
Well, I’ll still do what I want.


After the training, I stayed over in London for a day and a half.
Since, I didn’t want to look at the same stuff I did earlier this year, I did something else.
This time around, I went to Arsenal Stadium!
The security guard told me to give a bigger smile because “I’m in ARSENAL Stadium!”.
No offense, kind sir, but, I’m a Liverpool fan. >_<
I’m just here because, Ozil is one of my fave individual soccer players, apart from Messi.

Had lunch at the Darwin Brasserie.
I’m not into fancy restaurants, but, the Sky Garden was fully booked and somehow I was craving for a good view of the city… haha.
So, why not?

Walked around places I’ve not been yet. Not even sure where this is. lol
Random walks with neither an agenda nor a map.

Did a little shopping.
Saw groups of people protesting around in the main district.
Feel sorry for them, not that we aren’t faced with the same issues in my homeland.
These are the reasons why I hate big corporates and the real swindling wolves.

The next day, packed my stuff before heading out to have a walk around the Kensington Palace, the nearby grounds and the gorgeous huge park!
It was sunny and was so warm that I didn’t even need my windbreaker.

Wish I had more time lazing around the park, but, needed to go back to get my stuff and head to the airport.


❤ Icesabel


3 thoughts on “Back from the trip!

  1. You made me smile there. Hush hush bla bla. Whahaha.
    You are so happy you took this path it is remarkable and I am sure you notice that within yourself as well.

    It can be okay being a wolf one does have to stand for oneself sometimes. Just growling helps, and I do that sometimes.
    But one does not have to kill the whole heard when one can still the hunger with one bite.
    Unlike corporations that love to squeeze the life of all sheep in a slow and sadistic manner so to speak.

    Keep up the good work And keep smiling Princess hug XX


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