Silent Voice

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Voice

Although, I do talk about it in my blog and mention bits and pieces of it to some people…
Doubt that I really voice out externally.

I have never thought of being or wanting to be someone who would advocate or be a spokesperson, of any sort, to stand on my beliefs.
But, it doesn’t mean that, I wouldn’t stand firmly by it.
Just did it in a silent voice.

All I ever really wanted, as I grew older, was to do what I wanted to.
It helped that there were a lot of barriers that stopped me, caused me to fall, cry, hurt myself, stand up, find another way, to think for myself… essentially, because, I wanted to… I choose to.
Sometimes, I hate it when I open up too much, but, if someone does need that advice, based on an experience (I don’t know a lot, since my life path is different to others), I wouldn’t mind sharing… everything that comes after that belongs to the other individual’s choice.
That, in itself, is my silent voice.

My conscience… a silent voice.
One with a handful of choices.
Asking me what I would, eventually, prefer to select.

It wasn’t like so, back in my younger years of teens and 20s.
The war in my head…
There were different voices trying to drown one another.
Trying to make sense, all at once and having to start from the beginning again and again.
Foolish youth, who didn’t realise that, I’d only need God’s words.
That silent Voice.

The angst all around (from right in the neighborhood to around the world), trying to bring others down with them.
People filled with jealousy, anger, confusion…
Bluntly blaming a group, sect, etc and suddenly, it becomes my fault, somehow, because I stand for something.
Everyone does, even if you think you’re not part of any “group” in society.
For those confused people, I mean by rich/poor, religious/atheist, vegan/omnivores, pc/console, white/black/yellow/brown/whatever purple/pink/green skin colour you want to be, male/female, etc.
Hold it there people… we’re all going to fight for our own causes, in a fair manner in an unjust reality mode, but, we’re not going to stupidly fight amongst each other, when the real wolf is laughing at the back, smart enough to not being mentioned in any clause.
The victims are fighting with other victims.
The people who don’t use violence.
Those silent voices.

What is this silent voice?
Anything you deem it to be.
More so, brought to life by actions.


❤ Icesabel


2 thoughts on “Silent Voice

  1. No matter how silent the screams are real inside my head.
    We should not only fight for our beliefs, we should let other people have their beliefs and respect those just the same.
    And whatever the belief is, killing is not among any of them. Forcefully have people submit is not one of them. Whatever the belief it is wrong to go down that path.

    And in the end the silent witnesses are victims of the loudest of voices. The good suffer under the bad.

    Great writing here Princess.

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