Just a little quickie

Just being lazy and didn’t think there was anything too important or significant to update in my blog…
So, a month has gone by with nothingness.

I’ve created a bucket list page.
Just felt like creating one, since I’ve a list of to-do in my head throughout the years, anyway.
Link is in the main link section, above.

As shown, I’ve just been certified to deploy VSATs (basic, though).
Will be flying over to London and travel to Alton, Hampshire in less than 2 weeks for the real physical training on VSAT deployments.
I had grinded the last 4 topics of the course last Monday, whilst having fever!
Procrastinated enough and didn’t want to think about it anymore.
Each topic had about 2 tests each and one of the topics was a real toughie.
Took me 5 hours to figure out how to do so.
That was the “final of the finals” portion.

Had 2 of my lower wisdom teeth extracted last Saturday.
That explains the fever.
In fact, I’ve been getting fever, on and off since then.
Had sore throat for 2 days and today, I’m coughing and with a running nose.
My cheeks are swollen.
The only part I hate is not being able to eat properly.
I really can’t just consume soups and soft food for too long.
Driving me crazy!
So, I’ve been munching on solid, but, not too hard meats… “yay!”.
Had to shred them and munch slowly, as I can only place 1 finger between my teeth and I have small fingers.
Doc gave me a week worth of medical leave.
Oh God… been bored to death at home.
So, I did a bit of shopping today for my upcoming trip and some replenishment for home usage.

I was playing The Division earlier, but, was just busy studying and relaxing after work.
So, that got put to the side.
Not exactly in the mood to game nowadays anyway.

Oh yes…
The second half of school will start next month.
Night classes will resume and I’ll be back to being exhausted again after work and school.

Alrighty then…
Gotta get some rest.
Been sneezing and coughing too much.


❤ Icesabel



One thought on “Just a little quickie

  1. haha being busy has merits and downfalls… all the stress can have you catch a bug much faster.
    Be well and be safe.

    Somehow I am back to the rpg more than fps. Yeah that nostalgiv feeling when you play FF or Xenogears just can’t get enough on that.


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