Everything happened in one go. I don’t think I can share the details here, but, I can say that God has a way with my life, in the most surprising way.

How can I forget telling myself to be patient countless times? Some were telling me to do it back then, but, I had a feeling that it wasn’t the right time yet. The perfect time slot came yesterday. In return, I received good news!

It feels more like it was all planned out, but, I needed to make the initiative and work at it. If I had been impatient last year, give up on certain aspirations or even get very frustrated and walk away, it wouldn’t have led me here.

Now, the load of many things are on my back. Being too ambitious and I’ve been starting to grapple on everything. Backed out on a team, but he, in turn, help with the discussion. God. Thank you for allowing awesome people to be around me! I know that without understanding, intelligent and down to earth characteristics, they wouldn’t have listened to a word I have to say. You guys, rock!

I was jumping with joy on the way back from work yesterday and later in the evening. That was the time I had received the replies, as, they were all on different time zones. 

Calculated that I have 4 more months of evening school, minus the school break terms and in the midst of that, I have to start on my other course and own it before the end of this year. Gambatte!

❤ Icesabel


5 thoughts on “Swiftly

  1. So it was job well done.
    Man this was a week ago…
    and I dared missing it.

    Things happen for a reason they say. But whatever it may be it is worth a smile.

    Be well Princess. Big hugs xx

    Ooh did you hear through the grapevines of any good (Kickass) mmorpg coming anytime soon? I want to pick up gaming again. Ongoing is cool to. Recommendation from you rock


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