I’m…. back!

So… what should I talk about? roflmao~ A lot of things to update on actually.

Was trying my best not to blog when I’m feeling down or frustrated. Only because I’d probably regret saying certain things and cause an aftermath commotion. Not something I’d want to handle with.



I guess the first part would be my trip!


For the most parts, I love it. My counterparts from Latin America & Caribbean, Middle East & Europe, East & South Africa and West & Central Africa, with our bosses. Love them! Best working family I’ve known so far, the second would be my own region team.


Initially thought that I would have trouble breathing in the cold, but, weird enough, other than my body shivering at certain times, I didn’t even sneeze (because of the cold) and was getting a little too accustomed to it, for my own comfort. Can imagine how it was when I came back to my “30 degrees Celsius” country. XD


Oh God, how I love the architecture. I realized that I’m actually a big fan of looking at beautiful olden buildings and gorgeous scenery, by walking around. As I already know that I don’t particularly like travelling just to laze around on the beach and do nothing. Savored every moment whenever I walked around alone. Actually, I was walking around by my own when I was sight-seeing, even when it was those days when I was still having my work meeting. But, after the meeting and moving out to an apartment (via Airbnb), I was pretty much feeling the air of freedom. Went to most of the places that I had taken weeks to plan to go to (only places that I like and not based on typical tourist locations).


Of course, Liverpool! I love it! My face was freezing with the stronger winds, but, it felt like “home”. Chilled down (people walked slower and talked more), the buildings… gorgeous!. Well, obviously I had to go to Anfield Stadium since I was already in UK. Being a fan of LFC since I was a kid, this was like an “Oh my God” moment. It’s funny how some of some guys think that I like LFC for some stupid reasons like they used to be awesome during some seasons or because my hubby loves them. +_+ I’m way too lazy to tell them that I was born into an mostly-male family (my sister was only born 7 years after me)? I played soccer with the boys since I was 7 and through to my teens, they treated me like one of them and there wasn’t any special case that I’m a girl. Everyone in my family had their fave team. My dad: Man Utd, my older bro: Chelsea and my younger bro: Arsenal. Me: Liverpool.



Only bought a couple of stuff for the main people in my life, but, didn’t really shop. Most of the things there could be obtained at home, so, it was a little tough for me to select stuff that weren’t too touristy, yet, different for the guys.

I did learn that there is a small handful of racist people. But, where in this world can you not find any? It was just that… only when I had trouble with something and approach a random person and well… Heh. Not that they looked negative in the first place. But, a lot of people were so sweet! I mean, wayyyyyyyyy nicer than the typical hardened people here.

Back on the topic of work. Typical me.

Big projects this year. I’m not exactly a project person (I’m a technical person) and the first project would probably be my first huge project. For one, all of them are a global roll-out and I’m obviously in charge for the whole of Asia (from bottom right, Indonesia to top right, China to left, Afghanistan/Pakistan and all in between these countries). So, the plans for me to travel to districts and fields are a big possibility. Which also means flying out probably 7 times this year, inclusive of other meetings? The max was 4 last time. Excited, but, already exhausted. =X

Love the fact that the top management notices the ones at the bottom and things are shifting. It’ll still be a top-bottom approach, but, with me and my counterparts, we’ll make sure that the bottom gets a voice, since we work with them the closest.

The guys there are slapping me with a fish because sometimes, I do things on my own accord. A lot of times, I’m someone who speaks out honestly and freely, without a care. Based on my own knowledge and experience. Since, I usually test out a lot of technical stuff on my own, first hand. I’m an… “experimenter”? ._.

Locally, I wish I can shed it off my back. Since they don’t want to hire someone to do help-desk in the local office here. Sometimes, I do feel tied up with my regional work that I just don’t feel like doing the local maintenance, as we have our own server/system to maintain as well.

If only all these changes were done earlier. Way before taking a dive into my next dream.

Yup, that brings it nicely to the next part. School/Studies.

Drowning. I’m already drowning during practicals and tests. It’s so difficult! Sure, I should be thankful that compared to others, I already have a first hand experience on a lot of things that’s needed. So far, it went through networking, database, infrastructure, architecture and now programming. Chocolate fudge! I hate programming. Somehow, my brain isn’t at 64bit to run that. I can, but, I’ll be mentally drained if I were to concentrate purely on it. I was expecting this to be hard. But, all the tests are about hacking anything and everything! Some of the methods were not taught.

The weirdest part, although the most thankful part, is that when the next day comes, I feel energized and don’t mind going through that hell once again. It means that I’m truly in love with this. I know me. If I don’t like something, I will walk away eventually. But, this is like… “I’m sooooo going to kill that uber boss, even with the countless times of getting myself killed and resurrected” kind of mode IRL. At the very least, I know that this is my next step to move to this field, even how difficult it’ll be. I live by passion and I’ll stick to that until life craps on me again, I guess.

Plus, it being a night class and my energy has already been drained throughout the day with work.

I haven’t even started on my other course! I’m crazy enough to take up 2 certifications in one year!!! 😥


Personal life.

Well, I don’t have a kid yet. It’s annoying when people keep asking when my turn is, whenever a friend or even when my sis-in-law, who got married after me, has a kid. I’m like… when it happens, it happens. But trust me, even if you have one kid, people will ask when you’ll have the next, etc. Bah… humans, trying to make conversations in the stupidest way.

Excited that my house should be ready by the second quarter of this year. Not excited to find and then spend thousands of dollars for renovation though. Finally, our own place. Gonna get more pets when we move. =X

Lazy me who doesn’t really like being social has been going out more with friends. So, yeah. lol… not sure what to talk about that, except me spending more time with others.



Last I met my own family (parents and siblings) was during our family dinner before my trip. Maybe we should have another meetup in March or April. Hmmm… can’t remember when my sis will be travelling. So apparently, my sis and me love travelling as much as our mum. My mum was a solo traveler, like me. My sis prefers going off with a friend. Probably got that travel bug genes from her.


My 2 cats are pretty big now. What would you expect from one and a half year old cats? >_<


Gaming and Anime.

lol. When was the last time I really talk about gaming? I’m back to Diablo 3, on season 5. It’s way more fun now. The crowd in our team is pretty big, compared to when it used to. My main, for now. Since I’m juggling between what has been written above, The only free time I have is spent on D3 and catching up with the new season of Anime.


I particularly like “Ajin“. Dark anime. Interesting plot.



Alright. I’m done ranting.

❤ Icesabel



3 thoughts on “I’m…. back!

  1. Regret only happens if it turns bad so it is always the aftermath. But was it bad the moment you took the choice? One should not regret making a good choice even if it turns out bad.

    Other than that. I can see you are pulling it all together. Smiling more and living life.

    As for the anime. Ajin is interesting indeed I was bummed it took so long for a subgroup to pick it up.
    Boku dage ga inai machi feels like having a great twist coming. So far an interesting story.

    Well Princess surely hope you are smiling as it suits you best and hope to one day find myself reading one of your updates. Always a joy to hear from you.

    Hugs Crow

      • I am doing okay again, still adjusting my days and nights and finding a way to move free and without regret.

        Time isn’t stopping and my head sometimes feels like exploding. So my times off are there to find back my comfort zone.

        So I am doing well and back to scribbling when I can.


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