Silver Lining

Just felt that I needed to mention this before my lousy memory decides to erase most of it. (Don’t mind the mess of my writing… Not been having enough sleep for the past week due to the jet lag. Heh…). Waiting to board the plane for the long 16 hours flight. 

I hired a car from the apartment I was at, to the airport. He was from Turkey, but, has been living in London for the past 20 years. His family dropped him off at a shelter when he was just 2 months’ old and was only adopted at the age of 19, by a British family and moved to London. He said that the organisation I’m currently working in had been the one who gave him education, food and other necessities to go by before he was adopted. Because of this, he decided to give back by donating part of his salary every month to the charity. I was trying to change the mood into something more positive by asking about his children. Knowing that he’d probably would be giving his sons the best due to him going through his rough childhood. As, he was becoming sad, saying that the shelter didn’t want to disclose information about his birth family to him, as he repeated said that all he wanted was to ask them why they left him and that would suffice. Nothing much that I said could alleviate the conversation until I spoke about his children. The 2 eldest sons are in university and taking up Law. The third is in secondary school. Driving, as a second job, so as to give a better life to his children. Shucks, can’t remember what type of engineering he’s doing as his first job. I hope that some day, he would find closure. Hopefully, his children will appreciate and understand what he has done for them to have a normal life, in a loving family. That they will take care of him and his wife when they are old (visit, at least) and make sure he doesn’t feel lonely. Because the emptiness in his voice when he repeated that he had no one around for years except doctors, nurses and caretakers, was heartbreaking. God bless them.
❤ Icesabel


One thought on “Silver Lining

  1. We are cruel creatures able to come up on top if we are willing to work hard. But it stays unfair doesn’t it.
    Hope you got your rest and are feeling better again.

    Keep smiling, it suits you best.
    life isn’t bad maybe unfair on times but only due to our own mistakes.


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