Hey ho

Another lot of posts deleted before they got posted. Maybe, all I wanted was an outlet to throw everything out of my system, without needing to tell anyone. Well, at least, for the past few weeks.

I have been so self-aware, that, I enjoy the simplest of things happening around me. Literally savouring the tiniest feeling of serenity and loving it to the point where I’m scared that bad times will loom in soon. Being thankful for so many things.

I’m excited for a couple of upcoming events. A staycation on my birthday, belated Christmas gathering with my college friends at the end of the year (after so many years), extra 2 days travelling alone around UK (after my work meeting event) next month, surprise present for my lil sis in a 4-star hotel staycation for her new year birthday , going to get my house keys by the third quarter, my younger bro is getting married on the month of my 2nd year anniversary (I’m sponsoring for their wedding invitation cards), graduate with my specialist diploma and another certification by then, as well… it’ll be a change of career course after that. I love what I’m studying and I hope it will be something I will continue to have a passion in when I change my line of work.

While others are looking back and doing their usual change of selves (something I never do). I’m moving forward with the future. I prefer changing and planning at any point in time based on the context and post-experience.

The road has always been bumpy and it will continue to. But, I trust in God’s plans, even if my own plans get re-directed elsewhere.
❤ Icesabel


7 thoughts on “Hey ho

  1. The bumpy roads the tranquil floating when thrown in the air. the sore back when grinding across the pebbles. Life is just as it is.
    Scared that bad times loom in huh… or scared things happen without you having control or chosen them.
    We can’t plan everything Princess. Stay your calm self and when the road gets bumpy you will have a clear head to solve it.

    Shame I am no longer in UK. Have a wonderful time. You’ve grown.
    Big huggers from the silly bird. xx Keep on smiling it suits you best

    I am smiling after reading this.


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