A mess on the outside

How I’ve been wanting to talk about school, personal life, work and the world issues. But, everytime I do, I delete the post afterwards.

A whole lot of things have happened within just a short period of time. The world is more chaotic than ever. Hatred has been instilled even deeper in a lot of people. I’m finally travelling somewhere in Europe for a meeting next month, thus, being able to see my family of different races, religions and locations around the globe. Will definitely hate the cold. I love what I’m studying, but, hate the tests. Just had a test last Monday and have another tomorrow. My personal life is just that. Personal.

Waking up to see reality, I wish I could do more. 

</3 Icesabel


3 thoughts on “A mess on the outside

  1. Reality is what we see hear and feel ourselves.
    How real is the news to one who isn’t there to witness. The hatred is growing and all I do is wonder why. What makes us do the things we do. I know full well this is not the way to go about. What is it that I could do. belief that their is goodness in people, believe that once we truly want it we can stand united and lay the weapons down. Until then I will keep my head up and treat those around me just like I want them to treat me.

    I am happy to see you are at least doing well. A small post like this just made me smile.

    So where in Europe will you be visiting. Just country would do 😛 No need to get into details.

    Smile Princess it suits you best.. and thank you for this small update. I am smiling with you


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