Skewed View

I think that… life has been pretty kind and gentle towards me right now. Actually, if I wanted to over-think issues, I do have a few problems in-hand. I’m not ignoring those facts. I just don’t want to make a big deal over them, whilst they’re still “small” in stature. This is what people meant by taking things one at a time. Handling head-on, when the time is right.

I still feel pain inside, though. I’m not surpressing it. Been venting it as I go along. But, don’t want to make it huge of a deal either. Afterall, it’s not like I’d get my answers, if, I were to break out a war at any point in time. Such a waste of energy and it’d definitely create more stress caused by that reaction.

Sure. Sometimes, I do wish things were a little different, but, I’ll make do with this situation. There isn’t one person living a life with no problems, anyway. Gambatte!
❤ Icesabel


One thought on “Skewed View

  1. It is easy to loose sight and blow up over something small. It is okay to look at them but not dwell on them.

    Be well Princess take good care of your soul…
    Big hugs.
    Fighto! *wink*


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