Kid me not… 2

I was starting to think twice about the networking class. In the long run, everyone globally would be expecting the small group of us to handle all sorts of requests and issues pertaining to this line.

It wouldn’t exactly be a problem, if, I were to love or at the very least, like doing it. But, I don’t. I’d actually feel bad for using their budget and invest in me, when I have alternate plans, in the near future. It would be best, if, someone who actually enjoys and love doing this take up the offer in my place. The class itself is expensive.

Does that sound ironic that I’m currently taking this other certification and is planning to move to another line of the same field? I’ve already spoken to a few people, including the one who had invested in my studies. All of whom understood my situation and the choices of which I might take. Thank God for having good and positive people around me.

After speaking out a bit more today, I realised that, I’m starting to be like them. Looking out for those who need it, without even noticing I was doing so, until today, that is.

I will still stick to my motto of doing what I love to. As much as, a part of me screaming out to hold on to that opportunity to learn more, I don’t think it’d be fair to anyone else, especially my beloved team.
❤ Icesabel



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