Kid me not

Did our HQ just proposed that the selected few, including me, take up a networking course? Most probably, on Meraki/Fortinet/Ubiquity. What the heck???!!!!!!!!!!!

Sure… Sure… A 5-days course won’t interfere with my one-year course. Ditto.

Point is, I don’t exactly see myself be in charge of the global network equipment. I want to pursue in another specialty. *sigh* My boss said that, they’d be needing me to travel to a handful of the countries to setup new devices and whatnot. I don’t hate that. I just… don’t feel like I’d enjoy doing so.

I’m all pumped up to move out of this line after I graduate. I’ve been an all-rounder and it’s my first time falling in love with a specific line. Ok… Ok.. Chillax… Let me think calmly.

Ok… I should take this opportunity to upgrade my skills. Gain some more exposure. Whether it’s needed in the future will be another topic, altogether.

*it’d be fun.. they said* =X
❤ Icesabel


One thought on “Kid me not

  1. Being an all-rounder is a good thing but having speciality is just a little bit more challenging as you get to really dig deep and come up with new ideas. It gives you more opportunity to change things.

    But it is only 5 days right…

    hope you do keep on smiling Princess. And walk tall.


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