Niche Market

Somehow, I have been depressed for the past 2 days. Feeling better now, after letting it all go.

This is the exact reason, as to why I’ve been holding back from mastering or going into a niche market, in terms of work. For example, a job is open, for someone to handle all these network equipment on the ground for any affected countries (of any problems) to bring up data network and telecommunication. Let’s say, I work for a year or two, in that position before deciding to leave, because, I don’t wish to travel to places too often – Pretty much spending 6-9months a year travelling. Clenching a next job is going to be tough. 

Not when you’ve become a specialist in something that is quite redundant everywhere, except for a non-profit, emergency-based one. 2 years to go back to the old field in IT will put you at the back of the list, unless you have strings to pull or people want your enthusiasm, attitude and dedication. Catching back up is going to take a huge part of your initial work time. Not that learning would be a problem for me.

Obviously, I won’t bring in factors like when the GDP crashes.

So, let’s say, instead of quitting the field, you’d wish another organisation would offer a better pay, due to commitments. Not when you’re in a country where there isn’t a lot of international non-profits or that they’re ever advertising anything similar here. The choice would have to be altered to moving out of the local context, depending on where the new organisation offers (a country to reside). That is just out of the question.

Other factors do add in, like what if I have my own kids in the future. Most likely things would have to change. I might be a passionate work-driven individual, but, I’ll put family before work anytime. Been instilled in me naturally to be as so. Not saying that it would stop me, but, I’d prefer not to make my life too difficult, if, I can assess it first.

Quite different from me, trying to be an entrepreneur, back then. That’s a different concept on the difficulty level, due to the different vast of skills.

That’s just how I plan or select my future job. Love for something isn’t quite going to cut it entirely. Not like it used to.

Reason why I chose the example, is because, I did give it a thought as I do like that job scope. It was a real opening.
❤ Icesabel



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