Dreams… My dreams…

I’ve been too excited and had been overwhelmed with the aura of passionate people around me last week, that, I’d like to start dreaming and then, realising that dream into reality in time to come.

I was at a certain Global Annual Meeting last week and I loved it! Initially, I felt that I was being “forced” to attend. Only because, I thought that I wouldn’t enjoy it. I was proven wrong!

Long story short, I’ve a vision of creating a new job scope! Yes. Nothing new actually. My first job scope 4 years back was the first to be created in the organisation. Then, when the position shifted, a new job scope was created last year. But, this time around, I’d like to be the one to initiate it. >_<

It’d be a totally new job. Well, not new outside of the org, but, there isn’t one to begin with here. I don’t even know why I’m excited over this, when I haven’t even started having discussions with the big guys yet. XD

I don’t even know why I’m starting to get bored of the mundane cycles of my current job. Argh! That’s the problem with me. My short span of attention and being easily bored by routines kills me internally. Sure, there are some changes as of late. But, it isn’t enough to entice my tastebuds.

I can’t exactly leave the org to pursue my so-called new dream because I’ve techically “signed a bond” with a director that I’d take up a one-year certification (which will also lead towards the path where I’d like to go). Shucks… One year of night classes. I’m going to get exhausted again.

I’ll have to write something out for my proposal career plan and then… see how it goes. After the excitement has mellowed down, I’ll probably get a more clearer picture of the whole gist.

Alrighty then… Gambatte!!!!
❤ Icesabel


4 thoughts on “Dreams… My dreams…

      • Well last week had me a case of food poisoning yeah me… all better now..
        Other than that life is slow… back at job hunting and keeping me afloat..

        Happy to hear you are at least kicking it. Life does need a good kick to get spruced up a bit.

        Do you also feel the world is somewhat in a standstill?

      • Good to hear that you’re feeling better now. Heal up faster and hope you’ll get an awesome job soon!!! Float as long as you need to. Sometimes your head hits the land when you least expect it. *was imagining floating in the vast sea* XD Somewhat, yes.


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