Part and parcel of it

Whilst still blur in the morning, we were all called in for an emergency meeting.
He said that an earthquake just occurred.
5 mins after settling down, he said it was a simulation.
But, there was a full-fledged simulation over at the “affected” country.
They had their power switched off for an hour.

I was tensed up a little… since, I’m not a morning person.
The last earthquake emergency, in Nepal, was actually still fresh in my mind.
Remember being called in on that weekend and a lot of things happening at the same time.

We went through a similar drill (more like an episode) to what really happened a few months back.

I realised that there were quite a big number of issues that weren’t looked at.
Our office was only opened for 4 years and we had only handled one CAT1 (Haiyan, Philippines) typhoon and one CAT 2 (Nepal) earthquake.
Went back to the 2 IT managers in both countries to ask them, what they wish they had, to ensure a more efficient and organised/effective emergency response.
Both of whom, went to the emergency preparedness training overseas together with one from Pakistan, one from Afghanistan and me, 2 years back.
God… is something going to happen in the other 2 countries?
Hmm… something is already happening though.

Training is just that… training…
If, we still didn’t have help from the other departments, budget and outside corps, when a real problem occurs.

Even on a normal basis, most places (companies/organisations) don’t look into IT.
It’s true that I always feel left out.
I, as in, being part of IT.
People forget we exist.
Until, something happens.

In both situations, other than problems with shortage of non-living things.
What they lacked the most was even caring that IT needed more hands.
Plus, they need to be CAPABLE techies.
Not just from overseas or neighbouring countries.

Anyway, 2 of the regional directors had a “cultural exchange” and the one from West Africa was here for a few weeks.
I actually learned quite a bit from her.
The horror stories of Ebola’s response.
Not about the deaths, actually.
Portions where the media and the rest of the world (organisations) never spoke of.
Of course, the culture and whatnot.
Plus being ladies, stuff that only we talk amongst ourselves.

There’s another girl in IT from the Africa region.
The number of girls in IT (lest, even in Asia itself) isn’t significant at all, what more, those from a higher position.

I did learn one thing about me.
These responses excite me… a lot.
Sure… I hate mornings… but, I’d be geared up for them.
Of course, we don’t want them to happen.
But, issues like natural disasters aren’t exactly controllable or predictable.

The things that profit-making companies cannot offer me.
I have to admit, sometimes, I do feel sad looking at the money I bring in.
(If I had continued with the job a few months back, I could afford more holidays abroad and pay off stuff.. being me… giving away more money — you know… games to gamers and the rest to charity… probably why I know I’d never be rich).
When I know the reality of the possible choices out there.
But, I don’t feel fulfilled.

When people talk to me and ask me about topics geared towards work.
I always tell them one thing.

Do what makes you most happy.

❤ Icesabel


2 thoughts on “Part and parcel of it

  1. Lets face it what ever the media shows it is always only part of it.
    And next to all that it is sad normal people do not know what IT does. But basically safeguarding all their online life. And it is as if they do not care.

    As for training it is never like the real deal. Though one thing does always come back. Stay calm it is your only lifeguard no matter how hard it is. we need that slow breath.

    Have a great time none the less Princess. Hope you are doing okay.


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