State of panic

I was told that I come from a cancer-stricken lineage.
Although, I can’t remember who were the ones who had passed away due to that (but, I know there were a few).
It was only natural that, I panicked when I felt a little lump on my chest this morning.
The clinic that I’d usually go to didn’t have a lady doctor on standby today.
So, I had to go to the one near my mum’s place (where I used to go, when, I was younger) instead.
Checked that it was negative.

When I was younger (in my teens), my mum placed a small poster of how to check the chest area in the bathroom.
I didn’t even have an A-cup size boobs back then, but, I would randomly “check” for the fun of it.
The older one gets, the more susceptible it is to obtain these kinds of problems.
Luckily, I don’t have paranoia… was just being cautious.
But, just the thought of the start of a domino effect made me feel a little weak.

My hubby was so sweet to Google for me the numbers to call the 2 clinic receptions and buy me breakfast for brunch, for when I get back from the clinic.
How can he be so calm, when, I was panicking?!!!

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6 thoughts on “State of panic

  1. I know how you feel. Several aunts on my dad’s side have had breast cancer, along with a couple of cancer scares on my mom’s side, so if I feel anything even slightly surprising I have little panic attacks. I’ve landed in the med center at work twice asking to have an exam done. @_@ Stressful, but better safe than sorry!


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