Wow.. weee…. such excitement~

The game between Cloud9 and FNATIC kept me at the edge of my seat, in the semis!
Awesome game!
fnatic caught up to the score of Cloud9 and they went into overtime…
But, they stayed on par until the very end, with Cloud9 at 20 and fnatic at 19.
Ended with Olofmeister being the last man standing, who couldn’t contain the last 2 Cloud9 players, as Skadoodle managed to defuse the bomb to clench the win.

Unfortunately, they lost to TeamSoloMid in the finals, with a score of 16-2.

More info:
DreamHack and FACEIT together with, Razer, EIZO HyperX, Monster Energy, Intel, Alienware & Vulcun presents DreamHack Open Valencia 2015 where 8 teams fights for their share of the 150.000$ prize pool!

DreamHack Open Valencia will function as the live finals for the live finals event for the league FACEIT League Stage 2, which will mean that instead of teams earning their slot at DreamHack Valencia to compete in CS:GO through direct invitations, online qualification and BYOC qualification, the teams from the FACEIT League will serve as the 8 teams participating at DreamHack Valencia!

❤ Icesabel



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