The Stress of a MMORPG

I’ve always told myself… “don’t join a guild, until, you’re nearing the endgame (of some sort)”.
Even if, the guild is filled with super casual players.
But, if I don’t join a guild, I won’t be able to benefit from certain things that a guild would be able to offer.
You know… extra levelling points or playing with new-found friends, etc.
I get this urge to be better than someone at something, when I’m in a team.
It’s a bad habit that can’t be shed off, even how hard I try to ignore that irritating voice in my head.
It can be anything from the character level to different degree of item rank to the technique of pvp.
Annoys me.


How many times have I shut myself out of any team and do my own thing?
These games aren’t meant for me to feel stressed out.
I play a game to fill up that bit of free time, for the fun of it, feel a little accomplished in something extra (apart from my normal daily life fulfilment) or chilling out/gaming with my other irl friends.

For years, my hubby would tell me, “go make your own world and play by yourself”.
Just because, at times, I would whine about these petty issues.
I would though.
Sometimes, I would just spend time playing with a char on my own… block everyone out… just wondering around like a lost soul.
But, I’d eventually move on, since, I would often game-hop anyway.

It’s to the point that my hubby and I have an understanding that we would not play the same type of char in any game we’re playing together.
I would pick a fight, if, he were to take anything that should have belonged to my char.
Although, it wouldn’t matter if he was way better than me (as long as it was a different type of char).

If a game were to take precedence of my rl, then, it’s time to walk away as well.
Nope… no game is worth or even close to being equal to my real life.

Plus, if I notice that a game is going to rake up a lot of $, just so I can be somewhere.
I’d leave, whether anyone were to tell me to chill out.
The irritating part of me would’ve pissed me off by then.
It’ll result in me not enjoying an ounce of the game, thus, decide to un-install it and move on.
That extra 50 bucks can buy me something more worthwhile.

It probably wouldn’t even be a problem, if, I can eradicate that attitude of mine.
But, it isn’t something I can do much about, except to walk away.
No use in making myself feel jealous or upset, when the reason for me to game should be otherwise.

Hah… well… that’s that.

❤ Icesabel


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