Sponsorship pleaseeeeeee~

I’d like to go to Dreamhack Winter 2015 in Sweden, pl0x!!

Date: November 26-29th
Location: Elmia, Jönköping, Sweden
Ticket Entry: Either Event Pass SG$97 or Day Pass SG$25
Return Direct flight to Gothenburg, Sweden: SG$1200 (on sale right now… but originally, about SG$2000)
Accommodation: Nooo… not the sleeping halls 😦 Either airbnb or hostels or couch-surfing at a max of SG$100 and below per night
Food: Whatever, man… I eat to live; not live to eat… as long as it’s not too expensive.

Hur hur hur~
Although, I might suffer, when I’m outdoors, because I can’t stand the cold (aka anything below 23°C).
If the air is dry, my nose burns… really burns… always happens when I’m in an air-conditioned location!

Let’s see…
SGD1.00 = USD0.73 = Pound0.47 = Krona6.32

Alright… any sponsorships?

It’d be a bonus, if, I can stay there for a further 3 days.
Since it’s oceans away from home, might as well have a look around Gothenburg.
Especially Liseburg!

❤ Icesabel



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