A day in my shoes – Weekday

Saw a video just now and was thinking… what exactly is my routine?
Hue hue hue~

6.30 am
*Alarm goes off*
Shuts if off

6.45 am
*Second alarm goes off*
Rolling around on my bed
The female kitten comes mewing and rubbing on me.

6.50 – 7.00 am (depends on how sleepy I still am)
Rolls out of bed, grab my towel and have a shower

8.00 am
All ready
Yup.. one hour to have a shower (I wash my long hair every day, btw), wear my make-up, choose my clothes and wear them.
My hubby wakes up at this time.
He chooses what to wear and I do the ironing.
Make the bed and clean the room.
Fill up the food and water bowls of the kittens.

8.15 am
Walk to the train station.
If I’m a little late or there’s a problem with the train “time-table”, I might have to wait before 2-3 trains go by.
If I’m lucky, there’s breathing space to stand in the middle.
Watching youtube videos on my ipad or scrolling through 9gag/FB on my mobile phone.

8.50 am
Check my bus-time app. If the bus comes in less than 3 mins, I wait for it. Else, I walk to work from there.
Grab breakfast on the way.

9.00 am
Have to walk up a hill (from the bus stop) and then, climb the stairs to reach the office, which is on the 3rd floor (without any escalators or lifts!). That doesn’t even count if I walk from the train station to the office directly.
Reach my office… hot and bothered.
Turn the air-con to blast mode for the next half an hour.
Set up my laptop, take out my 2 mobile phones and notebook to the side of my Steelseries mousepad and Razer mouse, stash my bag in the drawer.

9.15 am
Make my tea (if I didn’t need my cold Isotonic drink for the morning).
Depends on my luck and situation… sometimes, I get messages or calls before 9 am, if, there’s an IT situation in the office.
Check out the help-desk portal.
I prioritise the Asia Region, before the local office (unless, it’s urgent).
Either people message me in IM, email or see me face-to-face, things come as and when it happens.

11.00 am
Asking my colleagues where to go for lunch.

12.00 pm
Head out to eat.

1.00 – 5.00 pm
Work resumes.
I’ll list out the work stuff below.
Chatting with my colleagues… our office is an open-concept office.
Ummm… I sit in front of the Regional Directors… but, I’m actually one of those people who block out a lot of outside “noises” whilst concentrating on my work.
But… ermm.. sometimes… I hear things that I don’t want to hear around the office.
Anyone from any country (they can even be the lowest coordinators) can IM me directly to just chat or request for assistance.
I talk “crap” a lot and I doubt I can be like those “high level managers/directors” who can be really serious.
Maybe, that’s why people like to talk to me and ask for help rather than the others.
Then again, I always get the job done swiftly… “spoiling the market”.
But, it’s not like I have authority or knowledge that the higher ones have, that is not trickled down to me.

3.30 – 4.00 pm
Once in a while, I head back home between 3plus – 4pm.
But, continue doing work from 6 – 8pm, at home.

5.00 pm
Home… home.. take the train home.

6.00 pm
Buy dinner.
Sometimes, I do a little grocery shopping.
There’s a shopping mall across the road from home.
Walk home.

6.30 pm
Hubby reaches home.
Sometimes, he goes for soccer after work and comes back late instead.
Eat, watch youtube/anime… gaming!!
Once in a while, I’d go swimming at the public swimming complex, about 15 mins walking distance from home after work.
He would do the vacuuming around this time.

Between 8pm – 11pm
Calls, meetings or work on an issue with the other regions and teams. — between 1 – 2 hours
Do the laundry and clean the toilets (cat and ours).
Play with the kittens.
Cook supper, at times.

Between 11pm – 1am
Depending on how tired I am, I’ll sleep during this time slot.
But, I’d be checking 9gag or FB on my mobile phone, before, plopping to slumber.

This isn’t inclusive of…

  • if, I have to come back to rectify a physical problem in the server room (out of office time-slot).
  • when, there’s an emergency situation (war-based problems, health-issues outbreaks, earthquakes, typhoons, floods, etc) that will last for a few months.


Most people I know of (in the office or friends) think that I’m merely “end-user IT Support” and only for one country, Singapore.
The highest directors think that I’m a person who would simply get things done without complaining.
I’d say, I’m too LAZY to explain and as long as I can balance things out, I can’t be bothered to say anything more.
If not, they’d see a monster grunting around and if someone needs help, they’d email me instead.
Hur hur hur~
My *bitch resting face* is horrible on some days.

I handle Level 2 (and Level 3, if I have the means) for 17 Asia countries.
But, I help out with the other 4 regions, whenever any tickets come in during my work-time-zone.
(I stopped my habit of checking work out during my weekends and outside of working hours after I got married.)
They’re from Latin America and Carribean, Middle East and Eurasia, East and Southern Africa and West and Central Africa.
Although, most of them are from the Africa region, just an hour or two, before I leave the office.
If they were to give me more authority, I would’ve definitely handled the ones from Europe, as well. XD

My scope is really wide though.
Except for applications (there’s my counterpart from Indonesia, who, handles all our Applications requests), other stuff are categorised in my domain.
There are a handful of internal developers from the South and Central Asia side.

From the typical end-user support to server-based support (hardware and software) to telecommunication (including Radio, VSAT, Satcomms… especially when there’s an emergency situation.. some countries have tight laws on the internet/equipment usage) to other applications (like Microsoft thingy) to web-based (including SharePoint) to network (including LAN/WAN, firewalls – although, we do have someone specialised in this.. but, I’m L1 for this) to policies (to the point that I’ve memorised the whole thick booklet and everyone knows how lousy my memory is, because, I’ve been asked by so many people, countless times. -.-“) to Systems Management (including Infrastructure, disaster recovery, power – some countries only have sidelines generators and UPS, since, they don’t have power in their location).
Shuckks… training too.. capacity building.. and doing the newsletters and news… +_+

That is why whenever anyone were to ask me if I wanted to pick up a programming project that a team or department wants, I’d have to push it away.
Anything, but, programming.
It sucks the life out of my brain and I need more glucose than normal to function, else, I’d get light-headed.
Learned the hard way, in the past.

Best part of it all *sarcasm*, I’m going to be taking night classes for a year, starting in October!
Good luck to me. -.-”

But, you know what?
I love what I do.
I love how it works my brain out (I get bored easily).
I love the people I work with.
*coughs* I was referring to all my IT peeps and a few people in my office.

I know myself.. if it was merely a “like” and not love/passion, I would’ve left.

It’s different compared to mere profit-generating companies.
Get to work with countries with restrictions on the laws, no power/internet, of all cultures… literally.
Get to help others when there’s any kind of emergency.. pandemic flu outbreaks, natural disasters, wars.
I don’t get paid a lot, compared to when I was offered that “OMG.. I’ll be rich” for 2 months, a few months back and quit shortly after.
But, well… I’d have to say… at the end of it all, do what you love and what makes you happy.

That’s pretty much, my everyday “weekday cycle”.
*deal with it*

❤ Icesabel



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