You Look Disgusting

Then… I saw this… “Tears were produced using a tear stick – No Youtubers were hurt in the making of this video.”

Other people’s ignorance, low self-esteem, insecurity, lack of experience/knowledge should never be your reason to feel negative.

You are never going to make everyone happy/pleased.
Society is like so.
There are some good apples and there are bad ones.
You’re just wasting your time and energy if you concentrate on those negative vibes.
When you’re happy, you’re better off in life.

As selfish as it may sound, “If you’re being negative and you don’t benefit me in any way, get the heck out of the way“.
This benefit does not exactly translate to something tangible, like getting something physical or countable in return.
It can broadly mean happiness.

If you don’t like it, then, all the better.
I don’t lose anything by losing you.

Anyway, that girl is actually pretty even without make-up.
Look at her.
Gosh… her features are very strong and is of a perfect symmetry!

No… not all skin problems go away with age or is due to the diet, health, lack of cleanliness, etc.
I’m already in my early 30s and I still get acne on my body (back, front, shoulders… legs and arms sometimes).
My face is sensitive to A LOT of products.
Every time the time of the month comes.. BOOM! There goes my so-called clear skin that has been healing for the past 3 weeks.
Here comes the skin scars.
Seen my dermatologist since I was 15 and keep to my regime.
Stress correlates with it too and I’m one heck of a worry-wart, since I’m quite the perfectionist (even if I try to deny that).

Sure, when I was younger, I was worried that I won’t be pretty enough for someone.
Also, for being bullied A LOT, by exs and strangers.

When I got older, I felt stupid.
Sure, you do want to be presentable and look (and smell) as good as you can.
But, you don’t need to be over the top with the make-up or wishing to change your features.
At the end of the day, you’re still going to lose it all.
Cleanse your face and take off all those fancy clothes/accessories.
Who are you impressing?
And with what? With only your beauty?
Once you’re old, that’s it, baby…
You’re either going to spend thousands of dollars on being plastic or grow old gracefully.

Then, there are those who crave for attention.
They want the wow.. *whistles*… “like”, etc.
The people who press that “like” button… yes you… you’re feeding their ego.

If a partner is going only for your looks.
I foresee… a bleak future.

If a “friend” judges your skin-deep beauty.
You’re better off finding/sticking to a sincere close friend.

Trust me…
That person isn’t the only person in the entire world to earn your time, effort and affection.
Everyone deserves to be happy.
Well… the non-psychopaths (not sure why that came to my mind… hah).

Wait a minute… why am I even talking about this topic again???!!!

There are more pressing issues than this.
This problem is nothing compared to other problems.

If you can understand and relate to that last part, good.

If you can’t, you will… some day.

If not, let me help light that spark for you.

It’s how big you want to see the problem to be.
Focus on other things you want or need in your life, that will benefit you in the long run.
What you want or need?
Travel the world?
Become a faithful servant to God?
Become an awesome Mom or Dad?
An entrepreneur? Artist? Professional Gamer? Clown?
The pathway to go reach those goals is tougher than your beauty problems.

But, they’re worth it.

Life isn’t going to be smooth-sailing all the time.
Accidents, bankruptcy, broken hearts, trust issues, family problems, lost of loved ones, sickness, other imperfections can plague anyone.
Don’t really want to sound so morbid, so, I’d stop here.

Move along, sweetheart~
You’re better than you think.

❤ Icesabel



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