This week

A lot of things happened this week.

My grand-uncle passed away yesterday. The last of my late grandfather’s siblings who has passed on – mum’s side. They were 4 brothers. GU was the third, although, a foster child. I wish I could talk about that lineage, but, I believe it should be kept personal for now. However, unlike my late grandpa, whom I love a lot, I wasn’t particularly close to my grand-uncle, but, only remember him as someone soft-spoken, good-looking and tall, kind-hearted and patient. Ummm… That sounds like my late grandpa. May Allah give them a place in Jannah.

It’s been ages since I was with my parents and younger siblings going out. Because of that evening for visiting, I felt like I was being a kid all over again. After that, we had supper at a fast food restaurant at 11pm for the first time. They wanted to drop me off first initially, but, my younger bro was hungry. It would be non-fast food last time, but, never this. Which actually, felt weird for me. Considering that I’m already in my 30s. There’s always a first time for something. Wondering why we didn’t do this when I was younger.

There was a post about me ranting on how someone had surpassed my workaholic trait in my field of work. The one whom another emailed and copied our CIO about a problem that I apologised for, on behalf of him. I’m not mad that and if he wanted to pick all my tickets and be the top in the rank based on the number of tickets. Somehow, I’ve shed off the competitive feeling. I’d take quality as opposed to quantity.

But, I get angry when, a person takes the credit of my work or anyone else’s, if I’m aware of the situation. Next time around, I’m not going to put a shield there. Not that I need to do anything now. Since, I’ve heard people saying things behind his back. Whether they’re joking or serious, I’m sorry, but, I’ve taken the fire for people a lot. No one backed me up most of the time, even when I’m right. As usual, not even my own boss. Now this. That’s that. The line has been crossed. /sigh

Thank God, these doesn’t burn me. Only made me angry or upset for awhile. But, knowing how others can see the other side of things, I actually pity them instead. 

I’m still sticking to being neutral. No hate. If people change for the better, I wouldn’t mind going back to the helpful side for them. 🙂

My kittens are pretty big now. The guy had black balls on Friday and we panicked. Gave him a shower and went to the vet. We thought he had fleas, but, it turned out that it was his hyper oil glands because he’s not sterilised. In fact, the vet said he’s very healthy with his “thicker than normal cats of his age and breed” fur, etc. Phew!! The female seems to have “trained” me to give her rubs when she would pat her paws on my face or arms. When I’m half-awoken, she would “smell” my eyes, instead of patting me and stare at me, until, I give her the rub. Ahhhh… XD

I’d probably get accepted in taking a course, which, starts in October. Will be busy for night classes for a year. Gosh… I don’t know, if, I’d have the stamina for that. From experience, night classes exhaust my brain!

A’ight… Time to go to sleep!
❤ Icesabel



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