Echo of Souls – Sorceress Firemage lvl 60 – Open Beta

Updated Notice: I’ve stopped playing EOS since 11th July 2015
Gomen’nasai… no further updates or help after this one.


The updated version. -.-”
There really isn’t anything special about this build.

Unless, there’s a much better geared team-mate or a huntress, I’m usually first or second ranked, in terms of dps.
Except… fights whereby, I have to move non-stop and the mobs/boss decide to aim me way too many times, I stand to be third (max).
*whispers* or… I’m just too lazy to “work hard” at the rotation and clicking random buttons. Huehuehue~

If you’re fourth or last, something is definitely wrong with your build/rotation/items… or you’re playing with fully- higher-end geared team-mates and you’re barely scraping by!
*Be warned!!!: Get ready to be kicked, if, your team-mates get pissed at you for not damaging enough. Which in turn, may cause the boss to rage and wipe the whole team… especially, when that happens more than once*

Looking for the rotation, right?

  1. Arcane Focus
     at all times (you need this, so, that you can always spam out your mana)
  2. Find a good spot to stand!
    For normal kills, stand far from the mobs/tank (in case, they do big AoEs), but, near enough to hit them.
    For boss fights, follow the usual guidelines for each dungeon on where to stand or run.

    Infernal Circle
  3. If it’s a single mob, the usual rotation is:

    Ritual Pyre – Fireball – IgnitionPhoenix RingIncineration (when it comes up)
  4. If, it’s a group of mobs, being pulled by a tank:

    You can either use a few Firestorm, which will create fire marks, before triggering Phoenix Ring, with Burning Blow in between.

    OR my fave rotation, Thermal RetentionPhoenix RingFirestormBurning Blow… continue the rotation.

A few extras:

  • Soul Skill – Used for boss fight – either Flame of Courage or Light of Hope
  • Teleport – Use this to speed yourself out of a pinch, especially, in boss fights
  • Purify – To clear off all side effects on yourself or a party-mate
  • Interdiction – People call this “block” in general. When the boss fight announces “block” and you are assigned to or can do so, that’s what you use.
  • Mystical Internment – Immobilize a mob for 20s
  • Mana Shield – When you really need it, but, remember that your mana will NOT regen for 8 secs (do not use this when you need to use AoE)
  • Blazing Departure – Times when you don’t want to teleport to the front. Instead, you’d want to move to the back in an instant
    (you can use Frost Nova before this, if, you’ve aggro-ed a big group of mobs, to “root” them down for 3 secs)

In a boss fight, always…

  1. Healing Potion (“pot”)
  2. Healing Scroll (“scroll”)

Especially, those bosses who hit you a ton of hp in one damage, make sure you have more than 75% hp at all times.

After every group AoE, (whilst in a dungeon) stop and use your Magic Bandage.
Don’t worry if the rest goes up ahead after each group AoE, your damage will beat them eventually… slow casting, but big damage.

Bandage up to save up on your pot or scroll, whenever possible.

Eat your Food (at this point of time, the Hearty Cheese Pizza gives the highest energy) and max out your Energy at all times!

Oh yes… always carry a couple of Ally Revival Scroll to ress (ressurect) your team-mates.

Sharing this: L60 Party Dungeon Walk-through Guide
Thought you might want to know.

Enjoy the game… ermm.. yeah… wish it wasn’t so “pay-to-win”-inclined.

❤ Icesabel


8 thoughts on “Echo of Souls – Sorceress Firemage lvl 60 – Open Beta

  1. I like games. Grin. But I am more of a berserker always diving in LOL
    Mana banana slash hack and whoooooops I die. Or something like that.

    Though I am starting to like 6team battles and raids. if the teams communicates.

    Thx for the info even though not my game.

    • I feel like giving up too. The market price for everything is jacked up in my server. It’s insane. I saw the game you spoke of. Umm… not really my type, but,it’s good that you found something you enjoy playing! =D

  2. I just found your blog which is great and now you stop playing,.. awww 😦
    Well I hope you will have fun somewhere else in another game ❤

  3. Hey Icesabel,

    I hope that you are still active on this site and hope to get your answer. I’m really interested in your guides and I would like to know what’s is the main difference between your 1st one guide which you have been using for a long time and this 2nd one? I noticed that some skills changed, but does it make a big difference in PvE and PvP?

    Kind regards,

    • Well, it’s my blog and not exactly a pure gaming site. So, I’m active on it.

      To answer, the first guide was created when the game was in beta, before all chars got wiped. The second guide was created upon playing for some time, after the game was officially released for public. I’ve only got 3 days to try the mage, so, the build was way far from perfect. There wasn’t enough time to tweak, when all the time was spent trying to max the level first.

      Both builds are actually PvE oriented. PvP builds for mage is quite different. A couple of the skills to be changed, but, you would have to Google on to find a good PvP-build.

      Good luck and have fun playing. 🙂


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