Judge Others.. A reflection of yourself

Sometimes, a small voice in my head would pop up out of nowhere and randomly judge a stranger. Then, I’d say (in my head), “Shut up… You’re not in a position to judge anyone.” It stops there.

That makes me wonder. How and why others judge someone else.

Doesn’t it reflect back how you truly are? How perfect or good can one be, to be able to judge another? I can’t help it when random stuff comes up in my head, but, I have the choice to take the next step.

It’s a little different from my “sixth sense” to feel a negative aura around a person I’ve yet to know. Especially, when I get the biting feeling that I’d better keep my distance, mind my own business and not have as much interaction as possible. Most of the time, that feeling is right and people whom I would just inform that “I feel a bad vibe about that person” would much later (usually, in weeks) see how they really are, would tell me that they agree. Not that it matters from then on, since, I would’ve avoided the person from the beginning.


The times when I’m wrong? I can’t remember any, though. I don’t just randomly feel negativity around a person, unless it really “huge”, but, maybe my memory is not that awesome. Subjective and unmeasurable… I can’t explain the feeling in words at this point in time. All I know is, it’s an aura and nothing to do with how they look or even based from a first impression.

Not that I’d do anything, except, people would notice how distant I become, when compared to my interaction with other people.

I’m my worse enemy when it comes to judging myself though. 
A lot of times, people judge you because of your looks, first impression, based on their own personal knowledge or past experience (which might not have any relation to you), religion, beliefs, their own insecurities, they’re scared for some reason, un/misinformed, being different, don’t like about others or their choices, etc.

Well… I was just wondering. That’s all. ^_^ 
❤ Icesabel



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