I’ve been more self-concious about who and how I really am as time goes by.
Since being married and with a change of lifestyle, I’m sensitive to sense and notice these small bits about myself.
One of which, is that, I realise how much I truly love my me-time.
I knew I love it, but, I didn’t know that I’d appreciate every moment that I get hold of it.
Not saying that anyone is always busting into my space, but, when I was still single, I had more me-time than I have now.
It’d probably change even more when I have kids in the future.
Yes, I’m aware of that fact.

Every year, I travel about 2-3 times a year.
The guys at my work place travel way often than me… what not with our job scopes of being the Asia HQ and working closely with our other region counterparts globally.
Last year was 5x, if I’m not wrong.
Most of the time, I travel alone and I love it!
Don’t get me wrong.
I do love company, but, there seems to be a preference here.

Some people actually get travel anxiety… I know a few.
But, I love taking flights to the sky.
Anything, as long as, they’re not long-hours in a bus!

What do I exactly do for a trip?

Can’t say that I’m a fashionista, but, I love putting together a good set before going out on a daily basis.
Although, my dress-code is mostly towards relaxed or cool, with mostly block colours and put together…
I tend to have a colour matching system, which includes my shoes/sandals and bag.
So, I’d put out all the clothes that I’m going to wear from day 1 to the last day.
Literally, day 1 wearing outfit 1 and day 2 wearing outfit 2… kinda thing.
Usually a pair of shoes and sandals that would suit all my outfits.
Of course, a luggage, a normal-sized bag (usually only to carry stuff to and fro the plane ride) and a small purse (when I do my sightseeing/shopping).
Obviously, face and body stuff… all packed nicely in travel bags.
If it’s for work, my work laptop, else all the other electronic stuff, even the universal power plug.

I’d usually download videos to my ipad and watch them whilst on the plane.
If not, since I rarely fall asleep on planes, I’d just daydream and listen to the music on my phone or watch a random movie from the plane’s movie list.
Most of my plane seats is booked by the window, ’cause I love looking out at the clouds, tiny land and the vast sea.
Definitely NOT that person who sits by the window and yet, closes the blind. >_>
Turbulences are actually a nice change to the boring smooth-sailing trip. =X

I’m that person who plans for every trip.
It doesn’t have to be precise, but, I would hate it if I didn’t know what to do for the day/evening.
Not going to stay in the hotel, unless I’m really lethargic and just want to relax in the hotel pool.
So, I’d have a short list of where to go for food and shopping or whatever else I want to do.

If I do go shopping… well, I’m not exactly a fan of shopping with most people.
Partly because a lot of people I know of tend to have different tastes than mine or get tired easily, etc.
Not all.
A couple of fun people is alright too, if I wasn’t too into anything.

I love exploring.
Being me… I love places that educes nice memories or the feeling of peace and tranquillity.
I love walking a lot (even on a daily basis.. whilst people take buses, I walk).
So, yeah… I walk everywhere, unless it’s really far away.

You know…
It has become a habit to travel that I feel some anxiety if I don’t travel.
Probably partly why I was upset and left, when I couldn’t travel in the new job.
*oh shucks*

Maybe I love “running away” from reality for awhile.

One thing’s for sure.
I rarely post pictures or tell anyone where I go in any social media platform (considering I only login to facebook once in a few weeks and this blog once in a while.. and nowhere else). lol~
So, I do know that my reason for travelling (work and/or personal) is purely for myself alone.

Oh yeah… I’m flying next month!

❤ Icesabel



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