Echo of Souls – Sorceress Firemage lvl 60 – Closed Beta

— Based on the Closed Beta version – North America server

Updated Notice: I am NOT using this build any more.
My new build is located here.


I’m not going into skills in detail or how the game works and whatnot.
There are a few lying around in the web.
But, I’ll be touching only on the one that I’ve been playing on my sorc reaching level 60 as a fire-built.

That’s pretty much all the skills that I use!

The rotation is simple.
Have 8 on.
1 – 2 – F3 – F4 – 7 – 3 or 4 – 5 – 3

Boss fights would include the rest.

Make sure to have 8 on all the time.

8 – Arcane Focus
I’d prefer this over Arcane Amplification because of the mana regen. But, if you’re into pvp, I’d recommend AA. Not sure how others’ gameplay is, but, I tend to shoot fire non-stop and before I obtained this skill, my mana would deplete quickly and was a waste of time for me to stop once in a while.

Make sure you’re at the max distance from the mob.

1 – Ritual Pyre
Attack + dot. Even way before I had the passive skills to gain more fire marks in the later stages, Ritual Pyre almost always gives me a fire mark

2 – Fireball
The one where you use at level 1! Heh~ Higher base dmg, but, lower dot dmg than RP

F3 and F4 is when I feel that the mob does a high physical hit on me, else, I’d just stand there.
Basically, it’s a combo to immobilize the mob and then jump backwards to safety. Just make sure that your back is empty from another mob’s patrol radius

I’d add in F1 to jump forward in addition to the F3/4, when kiting a boss around

F6 – Mystical Internment
I only use it on bosses, if possible, but, it basically only immobilize and disable the skills.

F7 – Interdiction
I only use it on bosses. Interrupts the mob’s skill cast (yellow bar you see on the mob’s head)

7 – Thermal Retention
Only when Ritual Pyre does not create a fire mark, I have this triggered

3 – Flame Breath
Instant base dmg + knockback + -movement speed. I’d prefer this over 4-Ignition, because it has a 50% chance of ignoring the usage of a fire mark (see my passive)

4 – Ignition
Instant base dmg + additional dmg on a mob with Ritual Pyre. Only when Flame Breath is on CD, that I use this, even if it has a higher dmg than Flame Breath.

5 – Incineration
Instant base dmg (only when the mob is at 30% hp).
The rotation is always between 3, 4 and 5.
You’ll eliminate the need for long cast time.

6 – Phoenix Ring
Ultimate high base dmg. Cool. …

Oh yes…

F5 – Burning Blow
Used as AOE dmg, although it doesn’t do much.

F2 – Infernal Circle
Unless there’s a tank in the team, I feel that it’s a waste of time to use it since it’ll cancel when you move. But, you can use it  all the time if you want.

F8 – Mana Shield
Pretty nice in a boss fight for its -50% received dmg and threat level.


They meld in nicely with the active skills that I’ve selected.
Let’s start from the top left to the right (the circles are passive skills), shall we?

Combustive Salute
Deals 50% dmg after Ritual Pyre ends. Bonus!

Blaze Mark
15% of creating a fire mark on any usage of a fire skill

Pyrotechnic Puncture
Permanent 10% piercing + increase atk equal to 30% of piercing

Fireball +20% dmg on a mob with fireball’s dot

Heat Seeking
Party receives +4% atk for 5 secs when you use a skill that uses a fire mark

Burning Barrier
When your hp is below 50%, a fire shield appears for 6s.  +60% def +80% atk on all targets within 5m radius each time you’re being attacked. + 250 mana regen. Awesome!

Scorching Memento
20% chance of applying SM (receive crit dmg on all dots for 5s) on a mob affected by Ignition or Flame Breath. Yay!

Glowing Ember
50% chance the fire mark will return upon using a fire mark

Thermal Conduction
50% chance of not using a fire mark with a Flame Breath

Smoldering Seed
+6% dmg for 5 s on a mob affected by Flame Breath or Ignition

Yup… that’s it!

❤ Icesabel


7 thoughts on “Echo of Souls – Sorceress Firemage lvl 60 – Closed Beta

  1. Hi Icesable. I was just wondering why’d you took the Burning Blow instead of Fire Flume (Tier 5). Would it be better to sacrifice Fire Flume instead of Ignation? (Since there are 2 instant aoe’s, Fire Storm, which you did not took, and the Burning Blow).

    Fire Flume vs Ignation, and AOEs Fire Storm vs Burning Blow.

    Hoping for your reply. Thanks!

    • Disclaimer.. I’m not a pro in fire mage.. haha. Plus, each person might play differently from others, so, cater to your own playstyle, if you can.

      My build is different now, but, Burning Blow is an AOE+stun even if Fire Flume has a bigger damage+DOT. I don’t use a lot of AOE skills, but, this one has a stun, which is a nice addition.

      Ignition wins over Fire Flume, if, you also take Immolation. The total damage is way more.

      My new build has Fire Storm and took out Flame Breath, so, I can aoe while doing dungeon.

      Your choice. XD


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