Echo of Soul

I’ve been…
Playing Echo of Soul during their Closed Beta (Imidoom server).
Was given the key earlier and decided to give it a try since I had nothing else to play.

Not sure why they set up 3 servers, with which Imidoom is the youngest, when, it’s always “empty”.
Was in a guild, added by a random person, but, other than that, it was as if I was the only one playing in the server.
I rarely see anyone else around whilst doing my quests and whatnot.

Honestly, there isn’t anything special about this game.
As generic as any MMORPG can be.
The weirdest part is that, I had NO TROUBLE in killing bosses that needed to be diced up via a “party” or “co-op” in the open world (not dungeons) by my own.
Neither did anyone of another class complained.
Quests are in abundance and even upon reaching 60, I didn’t even get to finish those from the late 50s.
It’s a beautiful game, although, not as HD gorgeous as Tera or Aion.
However, there are a few repetitive maps, but, that didn’t matter.
Overall, I enjoyed it nonetheless.
Since I was bored afterall.

If you know me… I’m one of those gamers who love going around looking at pretty places. XD
Anyway, I’ll share a bit of my expedition.

I’ll write up a short skill guide that I’ve used on my fire sorceress in another post. 

Here we go… to have lunch before we start.  Nom nom nom~

Made friends with a snowman!
lol~ Somehow, my pet anteater looked retarded. >_<

You can easily take pictures that look pretty as a desktop wallpaper.

Going to the graveyard doesn’t seem so scary… but, the ghouls do look pretty ugly.

Even the world of the dead looks pretty.

Couldn’t help it… you’ve got to see my pet cat dozing off (those bubbles above his head.. lol~)

Another one of those beautiful places… they’ve got fairy lights all over. Gorgeous!

Castles! Lots of them around.

The blue… is… mesmerising!
I’m blue.. da be di da be dai..

Oh yes… my dog.
Doesn’t he look cuddly and cute? ^_^

And of course… reaching the max level for Closed Beta, 60.

❤ Icesabel



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