Biting Back


I’ve just been bitten because of a system issue and if I hadn’t done my best at that time, nothing would’ve been resolved at all.

Really? Maybe I shouldn’t even bother to help on weekends because even the  hq doesn’t do that. That’s what we get for being too nice. I’m sure they would rather wait until a weekday.

Forget it. I’m going out shopping. Yummy… And eat my hershey sundae pie while at it!

</3 Icesabel


3 thoughts on “Biting Back

  1. Yeah been there done the jump when they asked. Being ready 24/7 it eats us away though they do not notice until we are burned up.
    And that pie sounds really nice. Yummy!
    Smile and enjoy your weekend and pie.

    • I neither burned up nor need to work after working hours this time around. It’s as and when I want to, but, that hurts… Helping and yet, get hit. Not asking for recognition, but, I wasn’t expecting that.

      Anyway, that’s over. Happy again now 😀 lucky to be around other awesome people.


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