Mummy.. work.. life.. whosshhh

It’s Mother’s Day next Sunday.
So, my sis and me are planning to have a family gathering to have dinner together.
My older bro is always busy with work and his own family that we rarely meet.
I used to visit my mum monthly, but, haven’t seen her since my sis’ birthday in Jan.

I miss my mommy!!!

Last Thursday, my hubby got a free night stay at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.
His company was having a 2-days meeting there and he texted me, last minute, that we were heading there after work.
Well… after we stashed out our clothes for the next day.. there was still work to go to on Friday.
Checked that the average price for the room we were staying in to be about $450 per night.
Dead expensive!

Left our stuff and caught The Avengers: Age Of Ultron midnight-movie at a nearby mall before crashing.
It was alright.
*whispers* I’m not exactly a fan of the Avengers… Shhhh…

Pretty sight.

Walking towards the Fullerton Hotel.. woo hoo~

The room was huge!

Picture didn’t do justice.. the tub was huge!

Cute teddy.. I wanted to buy it, but, decided not to since I don’t collect soft toys.
No buying on impulse!

This picture pretty much sums up how I was for the past few days.

Tired after work since the natural disaster struck last weekend.
As usual, I’m placed in the back-end scene.
But, things were moving non-stop and the next thing I knew it was already time to go home.
Especially since our office became a hub for people coming in, globally, before flying there.

My hubby showed pictures of one of my beloved kitties… Renji the friendly “people-lover” kitty.
One of his colleagues asked if he could buy it at $3k!

Anyway… here’s a pic of my pretty Nel. ❤
How she has grown!

❤ Icesabel


4 thoughts on “Mummy.. work.. life.. whosshhh

  1. good times always fly by so quickly. love the kitty nice stripes on its fur.
    And haha you just a tiny princes in a big palace. grin. but pretty sure t was worth it all spending time with hubby, going to see mom and everything else.

    Keep smiling beautiful it suits you best


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