Selfie of your soul

If you could take a selfie of your soul, would you find it attractive enough to post?

IMO… it begs the question on whether you’d mind being an open book to others.
The soul partakes a lot of aspects of a person.

I’d say that I’m mostly an open book.
Everyone has secrets… well, facts or the past that they’d want to keep hidden.

Then again, I suppose… there’d be those with a dark soul who wouldn’t mind being open about everything either.
They’d see it as attractive, as, those factors might seem good in their point of view.
Plus, there are those who’d take from their good angles to show the “attractiveness” of him/herself.
How’d you know the difference unless you know the person thoroughly irl?

People put on masks (it’s a known psychological defence mechanism)… souls don’t.
Somehow, it reminds me so much of being in a dream and “living through reality”.
The time when you’re you, even if you go into a lucid dream.
Not many reasons to why you wouldn’t want to break out to being yourself entirely.
Now, do you mind sharing that look?

But, have you ever seen some people who are so pure or evil, that it shines out to the point that you can actually see their soul in their eyes or faces?
Their real selves.

❤ Icesabel



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