How chaotic is a gamer?

I’m referring to the games where you’d have to kill something or someone. Where you’d have to steal or destroy. Make someone else upset in-game. Hack, scam and cheat (inc certain types of trading, overpricing or upselling). Degrading both men and women in any way.

So, where does one stand in the game alignment?

If they don’t enjoy doing so, then, they wouldn’t be playing it. Lest, even buy the game if that’s needed. Reflecting people’s hidden desires and enjoyment of a certain amount of chaos of some kind or even feelings and emotions that stem from it.

It’s not about what’s right or wrong. Just wondering… How much does yours weigh?

❤ Icesabel


6 thoughts on “How chaotic is a gamer?

  1. The only people complaining over violence in games are the ones who clearly have extreme problems in separating reality from fiction. I’m just suprised they aren’t treating it in psychiatric institutions like the cases where patients have

    Violence in games is fine because it doesn’t harm anyone, you are not punished for it and gives you an option to “let the steam out” in a non violent way to others in real life and experience things you’d never even consider doing to anyone, but if there is a possibility of experiencing it without harming anyone, I’m a curious person. I don’t care what happens to bunch of pixels and polygons on the screen. They have no feelings, no emotions, they are non existent so to speak. So why should we or anyone else give a damn about the “feelings” and “pain” of the virtual characters? It’s actually really stupid if you think about it. We are almost at the point where virtual non existent characters have more human rights than real people…

    Why are people making such fuss over it after several decades still baffles me today. With the rate at which games are being sold and the number of players of such violent games, the society should self implode at least 1 decade ago if not earlier. And yet it has no measurable effect on the behavior of the people, in fact there were several studies that showed people who play violent games are actually less violent in real life. And if I judge that on my own experience I can only confirm it.

    My usual “diet” of games consists 90% of violent games and 10% non-violent games. Result?

    My kill count in games: Unmeasurably high
    My kill count in real life: Zero

    • Well, if you did kill someone in real life, you’s probably wouldn’t have had the chance to reply to this post at this time. Found out that the fuss about that is due to marketing, even if there was a chance of causing those games to be banned entirely. Thus, the stir carries on.

      But, I was more curious towards how chaotic, as in… for example, if in the game, you had the choice of killing a person for the fun of it/casually or just stick to the plot/quest of doing something else. For myself, I’d actually skip the casual killing even if you’re free to choose. If you understand what I was coming from.

      • Oh, I get it what you mean. It really depends on the mood and other factors I usually don’t really think about much.

        For example, in Deus Ex Human Revolution, you always have 2 options for a silent takedown. A lethal one where you kill a person or a non-lethal takedown. And even though it doesn’t really matter for bunch of pixels and polygons, I’ve always made a non-lethal takedown and then carried unconscious enemies into some dark place where no one could find them and wake them up (which happens if you trigger the alarm and other guards find them). It just felt better somehow to just knock them out instead of killing them. But I remember doing a second run and using only silenced pistol, doing silent headshots. And it was satisfying as well, just in a different way.

        Similar in Hitman games. I always prefer to do non lethal takedowns on “collateral damage” people and only use deadly force on the actual target. It kinda forces you to think on a higher level, be more creative and then punish the actual bad guy in a proper way.

        Then again, there are moments when you’re pissed as hell over some character. The last one I wanted to shoot between the eyes myself was that fat guy Norton Mapes that you meet in Armacham corporate building (F.E.A.R. which I just finished). This guy was pissing me off so badly I wanted to shoot him in front of a vault. However the game was designed in a way that my bullets did nothing at all. Oh well. He was annoying fat bastard.

        In general, when it comes to games I prefer to spare civilians and I usually only attack enemies that attack me first unless the game is designed in a way where everyone is always the aggressor that has to be killed. In those it’s shooting fun galore 😀

  2. A game is a game nothing more and nothing less. I to get violent in game when I am frustrated in real life. I love killing if it is to blow of steam. But I am wise enough not to do so in real life. In game I hunt till the last one is dead. I will cheat and deceive if it means coming on top.

    As stated by the previous comment violence in games does not make someone use it else where. There is however reason to keep kids from playing violence games. Not s much they become violent, rather that they re-enact and copy. You see them do a flying kick like a ninja turtle and bruises happen.
    I let my nephew age 7 play halo but not Call of duty. Human vs alien. But I do see a violent anger come up after a while. It is then one needs to stop them before people do get hurt.

    Just to also say that cartoons are just as evil watching LOL My nephew does copy the kicks just as his friends do. And I am always chaotic.never play by the rules LOL


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