Free Steam Games?

I was thinking of doing a giveaway again.
But, actually felt kinda down because there are a lot of companies/online websites which are giving away free steam games.
Some of which are a scam or messes up your personal space, but, if you look in the right places, there are legit ones.

I pull out of my own cash stash to give away the games…
Whilst these people/companies get something in return (profit in some ways).
Not that I want any.
It just makes me feel that I might as well don’t do any because there are already a number of them out there.

Oh well…

</3 Icesabel


2 thoughts on “Free Steam Games?

  1. Well one does not have to give away free. And as you mention a lot is out there. Steam itself isn’t all that expensive anyway.
    I myself don’t use a pc any more for gaming. And never play on mobile devices. I guess over time I changed on what I do with what. I am back playing a lot on my Ps or Xbox.

    Feel free to do as you want. No one will tell you, you have to.

    Keep on smiling Princess. How about just telling us what a good game is these days. Kind of Review or upcoming game to keep an eye out. God you have to love a gamerchick! Wait I doooooo.

    • I can’t do reviews because I don’t have much time to game and even if I do, I’d stick to what I’ve been playing (at least, so far it has been so). Neither am I as up to date as I used to last time. I’ll get some inspiration on doing something some day… I guess. 😛


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