The beauties

The moment when you realise that you’re watching it just to pass the time.
(Not because you wanted to try any of it… tee hee~)

Oh… come on… admit it already!!!!

Unless you have a face that has at least a near-to-perfect symmetry, you’re never going to look as gorgeous as these “beauty gurus”.
Nope.. not talking about the legit make-up artists who does it on already-gorgeous models.

They pretty much can get away with certain techniques that others can’t.
Everyone has different features combination.

An example?

I’ve got upturned close-eyed eyes.
Most generic cat-eye flicks will not fit me at all.
It’ll just make me look like my eyes are pointing all the way up.
Just because most women have either the perfectly-horizontal or down-turned eyes.
Of course, there are other ways of doing it.

It’s still nice to watch anyway.

Just enjoy watching others making themselves look good.
Oh yes.. especially the ones whereby they do a celebrity lookalike make-up look, which makes them look like one due to the face shading/highlight.
Awesome stuff.

There are some nice techniques for different kinds of face features by legit make-up artists, if I did want to look into my own.
But, you get the gist.


❤ Icesabel



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