Death Parade

Another anime that I love watching has ended with its last episode.

In my opinion, it brings up the question and understanding of the meaning of life and death.
All those different reasons to why some people end their own life or when fate cuts their years short.
Whether one were to finally agree that his/her life has been fulfilling during that short period of time called living.

The judgement part was sometimes seen a bit as unfair to me.
Who is anyone to judge someone just by pushing one to his/her limit?
We don’t know anyone else’s life in full.
Every secret inside.. whether for the better or worse.
Breaking their masks isn’t enough.
Sometimes, there are reasons to why they act and react in a certain way.

On the side note of the anime itself…
At the end of it all, I would actually preferred Oculus’ reasoning that arbiters shouldn’t have emotions.
It will be hard on them when feelings cloud their judgement.
Although, Nona reminds me of me… wanting to find and prove a reasoning to a theory created by herself.

❤ Icesabel


2 thoughts on “Death Parade

  1. I could I have missed this. It was my favourite during the Mirai viewing 2-3 years ago. And it never once was disappointed.

    Though to just judge on the darkness of the heart. Everybody has a dark part.
    And one sure needs no emotion to judge that, It would break you down.
    Who to put back on earth?

    Great great anime. seriously. stunning artwork.


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