Love of my… face skin?

Been using this for a couple of months.
In fact, this product has been around for some time, but, didn’t know about it until a lady working in Sephora introduced to me the love of my life face skin.

I’m not a fan of BB or CC Creams.
No matter how many brands and types I’ve tried, they’ve either:

  • (most of the time) have a greyish or pinkish undertone
  • makes my face shinier than it already is (feels icky too)
  • causes a breakout (I have more sensitive skin than most) or
  • slides off my face after an hour or two because of my oily skin

Tried the ones recommended by others (online – blogs or youtube) especially those with similar skin type as me, but, they always end up like the list above.

But, this one is revolutionary on my skin.
Unfortunately, it’s on the expensive side.
Costs about SG$60+ (can’t remember the exact price) or £29 (online).
Why does my skin always favour the higher-end brands?
What exactly do they have that drug-store products don’t?

It’s actually lightly perfumed.
But, doesn’t cause any breakout or blemishes (unless of course.. whenever my period comes).
Doesn’t “mask” the face and feels very light.
Covers light blemishes, so, only a light concealer will be needed to cover for any blemishes and dark circles.

Love.. love.. love.

❤ Icesabel


3 thoughts on “Love of my… face skin?

  1. hehe a nice clear skin.. check.. no need for make up uh huh.. that would be you…. princess LOL but okay ou want to look even more prettier. OOh how we can envy that hubby of yours haha.


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