It’s getting hot in there

Got so frustrated the past few weeks because my game would just lag out.
So… I decided to change the thermal paste!

If you ask me, putting a desktop together/apart is so much easier than a laptop.
Also, my gaming laptop hasn’t given me a problem for the past 2 years in any way before this lag thingy came.
Thus, it’s my first time opening it (or getting it fixed for that matter)
How complicated can it be?
Can’t recall if the warranty is on 3 years and I’m voiding it by doing this, but, wth… doesn’t matter.

All out.

Gotta clean off all that gooey stuff.


It took 2 tries to get it working properly though.
The first was that I missed out the power cable from the keyboard to the motherboard (it was so short that I didn’t notice it the first time around).
The second was that it powered on, but, a blank screen and I couldn’t even shut it down.
Had to reopen and re-plug in all the cables again.

Monitoring it now… especially whilst gaming online. ❤

❤ Icesabel


6 thoughts on “It’s getting hot in there

  1. I have quite some knowledge with disassembly of laptops. What I usually do is look for official service center manuals (PDF’s) online, where they have official directions for their service center staff. So you know where exactly are the screws and plastic holders so you don’t break them by mistake. And I usually document every layer of disassembly using my smartphone. When you take off one layer, take a snapshot and proceed. This will help you with the screws and connections.

    The worst are netbooks and cheap laptops, because they can often only be disassembled through the top (through keyboard) and that sucks major balls. It’s really difficult and you can be almost certain that you’ll break some plastic crap one way or another.

    The most rewarding service was old Acer Aspire laptop that was acting up (the famous defective GeForce 8400M GS chips). I got that annoying chess pattern and artifacts and after baking the GPU in an oven, it’s working fine again 🙂 I’ve also modified Acer Aspire One cooling so I could basically shut off fan using fan control app and that made it super silent.

    It can be frustrating, but can also be fun, especially when you fix or improve them 🙂

    • There isn’t an official disassembly manual for Asus G-gaming series. There are only user manual which is not what we’d be looking for. Only done by watching youtube vid.
      Anyway, unless it’s a laptop I’m fixing at work, this gaming laptop is my first (and probably the last) one I’ve owned. I used to buy parts and make my own desktop before I owned this one.
      Yeah.. it’s only fun once it works fine.. XD

      • These documents are usually not found on ASUS webpage 😉 You have to dig P2P or other webpages. But yeah, sometimes there aren’t any documents at all.

  2. It surely depends on the laptop but most are alike. I also prefer a pc rather than a laptop but |I had my fair share. My last laptop survived only by drilling holes and keeping it cool that way. My latest is also a reassembled but working just fine.
    One thing for sure a Gaming laptop is way to expensive. You better of with a pc grin if you need fixing.

    Have fun monitoring. Keep on smiling.


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