Have you ever watched or heard something so touching, that, you wish you could do so, as well?

I love watching Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso.
What I hate about it is how the sad portion drags on and on.
That, halfway through, I felt that I should just give up watching it after the episode a moment ago.

But, it proved me otherwise.
I was so touched with the ending, that, I wanted to watch the next one at that point in time when the closing music was played.

There were a couple of times in my life that I’ve always wanted to be a musician.
(Then again, I wanted to do everything I saw others could do)

I wanted to become a pianist and violinist.
After all, they were so mainstream.
I became a flutist instead and that always made me light-headed.
Apart from singing.
Both of which which influenced me to read up and learn more about classical music.
There is a particular song that would play in my head once in a blue moon.
It has been playing in my head a little more often nowadays… not sure why.

I can’t recall the title, neither do I have any way to find out what it is.
But, I love it… I love that song to bits.
It isn’t really classical, but, I played it when I was 15, during a performance in public, near a musical fountain at night on a weekend, with a couple of other students from other schools.
It was a music cohort camp and ended with a performance at the end of it after learning the new scores during those 3 days.

Life takes a different turn.

❤ Icesabel


6 thoughts on “Music

  1. As you say the sadness is dragged along. and yet there is always that positive vibe in this anime. It is one of my all time faves though. Loving the music so much it just has you compel to watch the next and the next.So eager to watch the next episode I watch the entire series i the waiting takes to long. and you be surprised who different things look than.Or maybe it is me.
    I so want her to play again.

    Music is a universal language that moves people.

    As for the song there are music apps who can recognize a tune? Though not sure how accurate they are. Never used one.

    Keep on smiling and enjoy the music.

    • I was thinking… Either he’s going to perform badly or perfectly after he buried his face in his hands before his performance. I envy people who can touch other’s feelings without even saying a word and this… This episode.. Once more… Showed his sorrow beautifully in his music.

      Makes me wonder whether it’s a curse or a blessing to own such “negative” feelings just so others can feel the exact opposite.

      Nah.. It’s an old song and it’s not exactly a known song that is ever played on air, if you know what I mean.

      • I know lik me you loved the music he played. It was magical the way she showed up on the scene. But the skipping of showing the faces of those listening. The ending so rushed or cut off.
        SO loved the anime but do you not think as well the ending sucked. I am feeling betrayed and sad. missing the faces and reactions on his playing. His rivals and loved ones. the envious who want to be like him. The big judges.

        Missing so so much… and left in the dark. Sigh a feel sad still. no matter how many times I watch I always hope for more.

      • I was expecting either ending, survived the operation or not. Not rushed since I was already dying with them dragging the sad part way too long. Still a sad ending, but, his friendzoned bestie is still there. Isn’t he continuing on with the music school? Unless I missed that part altogether.. Heh.

      • In that respect you are right it was not rushed. But the ending is missing so much. How much did he touch those around him. Some expected him to fail like before. Some had high expectations.
        The way the story went hey should have at least given her some hope of playing just one more time.

        Yeah loved the show dragging or not the music got you through. BUt we can’t have it all I guess.
        And as for the school he said h was going but not a single shot was made for it. All they had was hm reading a letter and finding out he was loved.
        I would still re-watch it and hope once again.

      • Just hope he will go for it. That would be awesome for such a talent. Who knows… Some day, he’ll meet someone like her and fall in love like he once did… and make a huge debut as an older him. Ah… One can only dream for a perfect ending.


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