These Peaceful Days

❤ this song.

Oh.. how I wish my life could stay as peaceful and relaxing as the past few days!

Went to an ex-colleague’s wedding on Saturday and an ex-schoolmate’s wedding on Sunday.
Fate has a weird way of moulding my life.
It does.

A couple of my ex-colleagues attended the small wedding and all of them wanted me to go back, managers and directors.
One of whom wanted to talk to me in days to come about the changes there.
I do miss working there, but, because of my exit letter, I feel quite sorry for shaking a number of people’s rice bowls.
It’s the truth though.

If I went for the company-vacation last weekend, I wouldn’t have gone for the weddings.
Forgotten about the invitation until one of them messaged me merely a few days earlier.
My last company held their yearly company vacation, this time around, they chose Vietnam and I just had a strange feeling that I shouldn’t go.
I did have a choice.

The one on Sunday was one of my hubby’s closer friends in primary school.
Although, I was in the same school, the ones who were there weren’t in the same class as me.
It’s been… What? 20 years? Wow~

I’m still socially awkward as ever.
As usual, I didn’t talk much.

Yet, still yearning to go for a holiday overseas.
Wishful thinking.
Not enough spare change to do so.

Not sure what will happen next, but, all I know is that I want to live in this moment.
It feels… rejuvenating.
As if the burden of the world has been lifted for the time being.
Too bad good things don’t last long.
Still thankful though.

Still thankful…

❤ Icesabel


2 thoughts on “These Peaceful Days

  1. Good things last longer if work is done on both ends. Being happy isn’t a one way street.
    I don’t think that to all good things come to an end. Because all the bad do to.
    We make the best with what we have. And even the tiniest sparkle can light up an entire day.

    I know this is a hopeless romantic and dreamer speaking, But it is nice to smile no matter how little we have.

    I am sure you are keeping your chin up, you are a strong lady and know it will all come together again some day. Keep on smiling to, it suit you best princess.
    big hugger


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