The “Nothing” Box

Just a 5 mins vid~
But, so hilarious… so true…

Once in a while, it’d occur to me that a lot of the times, I’ve a guy’s brain rather than a girl’s.
But, didn’t think too much of it after a while.

People say that women tend to be able to multi-task, well, unless it’s on my fave subject at work, I can’t!
Since young, I can never study whilst listen to music or doing something else.
I needed complete silence and shut off from the world entirely.
Even now, if someone were to talk to me and I’m doing something, I’d have to drop one of it off.
I’m not that super woman who’s able to iron the clothes while watching a show while talking on the phone.
I wish I can though.
It’s be awesome.

Can’t help it that I grew up and lived through my life being with the guys most of the time.
Thus, my love for stuff and hobbies tend to stray to the guys section.
Reason why I feel so awkward around girls or ladies, especially strangers or those I just got to know of…
Is because I have close to no similar interests as girls.
I don’t watch tv, not a fan of those boy-band stuff, bla bla..
99% of the time, they do not understand why and what’s so fascinating about a a whole group of men running after a ball – soccer, they raise an eyebrow if they were to know I spend more time gaming than anything else and would side with their kids rather than them (you know moms), bla bla…

When every other girl was so inclined with every girly job/career or trying to find a rich bf/husband,
I was dreaming of living in a server room and fixing all kinds of technical stuff.
Oh yeah… still a heaven to stay in server room… I always find peace in one (except for those messy ones)… well, uhmm.. other than having to freeze to death after staying in that haven.
Ok.. well, some girls go towards the software side… they don’t like the nitty gritty of hardware mess.
That’s what I love, baby.

The quarrelling part?
You know… every couples have fights.
I applied work to my normal life.
Even those who just met me have said to me “you’re a troubleshooter from the way you ask for the answers”.
I don’t stray off a subject or bring another subject in.

But, like other women, everything is still wired up to each other.
So, if it’s something that doesn’t need “solving” and is just a petty thing, I tend to bring feelings in.
Unless that full-fledge emotions decide to invade reality and cloud my thoughts.
You know where that leads to.

Then, there’s this “empty” box?
Who says all women don’t have it? Really?
I DO!!
I can just suddenly go brain dead, think of nothing and smile like a crazy girl.
Enjoying nothingness.
Pure nothingness.
No… not even “fishing”… you’re still doing something.
I’ll just sit with a blank slate of mind and become a zombie.
It’s not even when I’m tired.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to reach out to nothingness when I have an overload of “too much of everything”.

Yet, my hubby would tell people that I don’t bother his me-time.
His nothingness moment.
Just because I love my nothing box as well.

They’d say, “wait ’til you have kids”.
How about… nope!
I know… I know… but, not now.

❤ Icesabel



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