A Little Bit of Something =D

No sappy posts today.

I received an email from a winner of one of my past games giveaways, back in 2013 (I double-checked!)
Whoahh.. it’s been a long time since I did that.
Not that I didn’t want to, but, my finances has been tight for the past year.

He wanted to update me that things were looking up and going so much better in his life.
Better school.. improved lifestyle and… *drum rolls* a new laptop!
Congrats!! ❤

You’re right.
I don’t know you… technically, I don’t need to know.
But, thank you for telling me.
So happy for you!

If my memory serves me well, I did mention it last time that I was hoping it would turn out to be a “pay it forward” thing.
What it means is that some day, when things are going great for you, you’ll spare some time or change for others to put a smile on their faces as well.

There was also someone else who gave me a free key to a game on steam a couple of months.
Didn’t thank you enough.
Wasn’t expecting anything in return, but, thank you.

Give me a shout-out if you want your names to be put in this post.

And yeah… my boss did give me a free steam game the other day when I was stressed to death and feeling so sick.

If life gets better for me (financially stable again), I’ll do the giveaways again.
I really wanted to do one end of last year, but, with the wedding and the extra expenses incurred, I had to put it aside.

By the way… Happy Chinese New Year!
Hur hur hur.. not that I celebrate CNY, but, 2 days of public holiday on top of the upcoming weekend!
Who wouldn’t appreciate that long holiday? XD


❤ Icesabel



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