Guess the mess still goes on.
Got frustrated to the point that I ranted everything out to one of my bosses just now.

Too sick today.
Feeling like a total loser when I shouldn’t because it isn’t in my control.
I actually wanted to tell him I wanted to send in my resignation today.
Instead, he went on and on telling me about the possibilities of getting everything right.
That I didn’t get to say much.

Then, he gave me an assignment to hand in a report in 12 hours on the Deus Ex game he had been raving about, so, that I wouldn’t be thinking about work.
Great… Now, I’m at home feeling sick and frustrated… With a homework.

Well, better than having to face the problems at work.
Hmmm… The perks of having a boss who used to be a gamer?

The downfall of me who’s too much of a workaholic and a perfectionist.
Ok… I’ll give the game a try.
I wanted to play D3 though…

❤ Icesabel


6 thoughts on “Halt!

    • Probably would have loved it if I was ported a few years back. Not sure why, but, I didn’t enjoy it. Although, it was nice to play an FPS. Not been some time since I played one.

      Thanks! 🙂


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