Such a rush


The new job…
There were so many things to handle.
So many things left hanging.
Chaotic enough that I didn’t have access to even those of a normal user to have.

So many policies that I want to set up to rule out the problems.
Dateline is too tight for the rest of the projects.

Since they started a new project a week before I joined, I went for the training from 9pm to 1am in the office, with some of the guys.
They were having it in the European time slot.
I do get to go in the office at 12pm, but, it’s still draining my energy.

So far, it seems that they have this running thingy after work every Tuesday, for running enthusiasts.
There’ll be a company trip in March to Vietnam, for the Asia countries.
The guys from the European side will get to travel to other places.

The guys are asking me to travel to Zurich, Switzerland to get everything settled in with the systems.
Not sure when that’ll be, but, we’ll want it soon, considering all the issues right now.

Realised that everyone likes the CEO a lot.
But, here I am stressed to death because he gave me a 2-weeks dateline to do a couple of things.
Which I think will need extensions because it’ll depend on the vendors/suppliers speed of response.
Was told that it was probably because he expects a lot from me.
*Hmmm…. yeah… I’m sooooo dead, if that is so*
I do notice that he likes to challenge me once in a while.
He does have a good extensive amount of IT knowledge considering that they used to be a consultant company for IT thingy.. still didn’t catch it fully.. had to catch the facts here and there by my own.
In some ways, it makes me feel unwanted… like as though I’m not good enough.
But, maybe it’s just the stress that’s making me tired and thinking negatively at times.

Ah well… I need this rest right now.

❤ Icesabel


2 thoughts on “Such a rush

  1. So the project started a week before you came in and no running a week behind.if little has been done that week. Well I am sure you are tired after a two week sabbatical and going all in from the gecko. But you should be smiling to. Icesabel loves a challenge grin.

    You are wanted darling or else you wasn’t wanted there in the first place. He might see himself in you eager to learn and loving that challenge. Knowing full well your knowledge.Keep on smiling and rest well.


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