*feeling loved


Woke up early today, but, went back to bed at noon.
At 2, after going to the washroom, got dizzy and broke into a cold sweat.
The first day of period.
Could barely stand and was feeling like the whole world was spinning.
The pain in my lower abdomen was excruciating.
Lying down flat on the bed in pain.
Tears welling up and I couldn’t move much.
Then, came Nel, my girl kitty.
She jumped up on the bed and walked towards me.
Rubbing her warm body around.
Then, she laid down beside my face.
Even in pain, I thought that she wanted a neck rub.
But, she kept pushing my hand away.
Instead, I let her put her front warm paws on the side of my cheeks.
Patting me for a sec and just held my face.
I stayed in the flat position the whole while… In awful pain.. Yet, relieved.
She walked one round around me, from my head to my feet and back… Whilst softly brushing past her warm body on mine.
All I could do was cry in pain.. While she kept looking back at me.
Then she licked my face before lying down and placed the back of her head on the side of my face.
Looking at me upwards.
Softly purring.
She stayed there for some time before she walked off and I fell into slumber.
When I woke up, I saw her wake up, sprawled on the floor, slowly wriggling towards me and walked to me whilst mewing softly.
Why does it feel like I can hear her ask me “how do you feel?”?
I gave her a neck rub and hugged her.

Gave her dinner and since I felt much better, I went out to buy her some treats.

Weird thing is that, like most cats who are oblivious to humans and are douchebag kings, she’s usually like so.
She rarely likes people to touch her, much less even purr at all unless she wants attention.
Out of the blue, she became my bestfriend when I needed comfort the most.
Giving me those eyes filled with concern.
She reminds me of me.
A hard-stone exterior bitch who doesn’t like people to touch (not a huggable person) or prefer my me-time rather than talk to others, but, melt when something touches my easily touched heart. Stupid me.
How can I not love her even more?

I’ve had different cats my whole life.
My family loves them.
Although, there were a few who were close to me, did not budge no matter the mood… Only minding their own business.
Nel… Named after Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, ex-3rd Espada of Bleach. ❤

❤ Icesabel


One thought on “*feeling loved

  1. I’ll purr for you just like that Caw Caw.. What you expect from a crow..
    The name made me smile. 🙂 such a nerdy girl and loving it.
    Feel better soon Icesabel And keep smiling your not cold just misunderstood. Or so my shrink would say


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