Je suis Charlie?

Terrorism is not condoned by everyone.
I absolutely agree.

But, I’m…

Tired of hearing about people hating Islam or Muslims as a whole (lumped into these groups of extremists, whether or not they’re real Muslims).

Tired of hearing about people caring more about religions vs religions vs atheists, when it’s about the innocent lives being stolen away.

I have a question though.

What exactly is this “freedom of speech”?
Does people not understand that there’s a thin line between freedom and respect?

Let’s say that I know that you hate it, when, I show my middle finger at you.
I do it anyway because of my “freedom of expression”.
You get pissed. (Of course, you still have the choice between doing something negative towards me in return or letting it go)
But, you decide to scold me because you felt disrespected. (It could’ve been something other than mere scolding)

In these times where different religions, race and creed live in one planet called Earth.
Your either choose to respect another person’s choices (as long as it aligns with everyone’s – as peacefully as possible) or you don’t.

In this case, why did they provoke others in the first place?
Because of freedom of expression?
Did they think of the consequences of their actions?
Already knowing well of the situation of the world right now?

If you won’t like it when someone does something you didn’t like.
Don’t do the same onto others.

Although, no one has the right to take the life of another, either way

One group’s fault for killing.
One group’s fault for taunting/provoking and not respecting other people’s beliefs.
The rest are at fault at blaming between religions or sects, etc rather than focusing on the loss of the innocent lives. Probably turn towards an “eye for an eye” and their justice based on their own judgements, clouded by sadness and anger.

lt;/3 Icesabel


4 thoughts on “Je suis Charlie?

  1. Violence should never be the answer to any question or problem. Debating who started first is just rising and as unrealistic as the chicken and the egg.
    Violence should never be the answer.
    and to quote one who was once so hated. Why can we not all get along.

    Great wisdom to be found in understanding. xx

    • True. Violence is not the answer.

      But, the point is, if you had provoke someone or even worse, a group or sect or whatnot, these people who hate it will in turn go after your poor choices. We could say violence is not the answer. Will those people listen? Probably not. They’ve made up their minds to do what they want. It’s of no use in reasoning with people who won’t see the way others do.

      We’ve seen all the rubbish that has been happening since the beginning of time. If they want to take the chance on being targeted, go ahead. No one is stopping them. But be ready to take up the consequences, if there is any.

      But, I’m also wondering what are they going to do next, kill/jail/torture everyone else who is part of the group or sect or race or religion, according to their judgements, has killed the fore? Eye for an eye?


      • Those who are not willing to listen or even talk, think they are above all others.

        Rubbish indeed

        I hate to think… But i will stand up for those close to me, and around me the world is diverse.One thing is sure. We should not tolerate violence from either side,religion, race or human

        Icesabel I thank you for such great conversation and helping us understand. Keep smiling and wasn’t this a day of staying calm.. relax have me-time. xx


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