F* u n u n u n u

I was buying dinner to bring back home.

My eyes watered and couldn’t hold back a tear.. conscious enough as to be in the middle of a crowded place.

Just because I saw an old lady… bent down, limping slowly whilst doing work.
Doing work at such an age!
She doesn’t even look fit to work.
The people governing who doesn’t give a care about everyone else on earth.
They’re living in their ivory tower with dirty money in their hands…
Virus in their blood and dirt in their mouth.


I pray and hope that some day, all those freaking idiots will burn on earth before they go to hell and after death, will burn in hell for eternity.

Not everyone is blinded by the truth.

</3 Icesabel


5 thoughts on “F* u n u n u n u

  1. And so we fight another day to open the eyes of those around us. stand together and pray we don’t get poisoned by the money the offer to keep us quiet and dumb.
    So little said so much felt. beautiful.


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