Year End – 10 things

Weird… I can’t really recall what has happened this year.
I do remember bits and pieces of it, but, other than that, everything else seems fuzzy.


  • I got married to an annoying and lazy bum who doesn’t think as far into the future as he should be. But, he is my bestfriend, gaming partner, notorious partner-in-crime and lover.
  • Was seen as a black sheep by my mum for the longest time in my life (all those non-stop quarrels whenever we cross each other’s path), but, we’ve become pretty close since I got married (and left home).
  • Since our wedding, 2 of our friends (one of our best men and bridesmaids) got together and has been a tight couple since.
  • Closer to my younger sister as well. More holiday travels together soon~
  • The most number of times travelling overseas in a year. 7 times.. or was it 8? I’d better not get used to it (because I’m already starting to miss travelling) and I’m not required to travel in my upcoming job. I did travel for leisure twice and once to shop for wedding stuff. Plane rides was becoming a norm for awhile… hmmm…”was”.
  • Talking about work. This is the longest duration I’ve worked in a company/organisation. A little more than 3 years. Also, the first non-profit organisation I’ve ever been in (probably the last, since, there aren’t many good ones in this country – in terms of IT jobs). Moving on mid of next month~
  • First time in my life that I’ve ever reached a weight of 45kg, which is the lightest on the acceptable weight scale. The heaviest I’ve reached was 42kg (underweight) and I was trying to gain weight on many occasions and failed. I still think that it was due to a failed pregnancy. I’ve lost weight since (which doesn’t even include all the other symptoms that lapsed with the weight) and is down to 43kg now. Back to being underweight~
  • Got 2 kittens and living with my hubby. Finally got our own room, but, paying rent. Just bought a queen sized bed. Finally! Was short on money for so long that he was sleeping on the floor while he gave me the single bed to sleep on. Cute kitties~
  • I love my me-time to an extreme sometimes (and homely) and don’t really like going out much with friends. But, I’ve been going out way more this year. Really… really… a lot. Although, I did skip the after-Christmas dinner with my tertiary friends last weekend. Haven’t meet them (except for my god-brother) for some time.
  • Used to be insecure, but, I can go around without make-up (at all) when I go out. It used to just be natural make-up look. Hmmm… my hubby was sarcastic (last time) he asks why I’d have to wear make-up when I was just going to a nearby store. He actually praises me when I don’t wear any make-up. I do use it when I feel like it~

❤ Icesabel


6 thoughts on “Year End – 10 things

  1. It is going to be an exciting new year. hehe one has to try and do better than last. like how you got your lazy bum to wear make up haha lol .. ooh wait that picture was a joke. LOL
    May 2015 hold a healthier weight for you. we could always trade weight 😛

    Keep on smiling

    • Wait.. What? I used to always wear makeup because of insecurity. I don’t use it as much now. The way you said it.. It’s the opposite.

      The pic… Lol… I used to like watching Shane Dawson’s Shanaynay youtube vids. If you want to see who “she” is… that is.

      Lol… I think I’d prefer my body to change naturally by itself. I do love the new extra curves though. >_< thanks for the offer! :p


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