The Closest Ones – Work Edition

I’ll tell you why I love where I’ve been working for the past 3 years.
Well, other than the passion in doing what I’ve been doing.

The people ❤
I’ll miss them… already do.. since a number of them have left before me.
Well, since I’m leaving in 2 weeks time… this is it.

The first batch of locals to start the office (the first Asia regional office to be opened merely a few months before I joined).
Ladies from Admin, HR, Accounts, Executive Assistants to the Regional Director of South East & East Asia and South & Central Asia, Communications and IT.

In 2012, the first team I was under (pretty much IT which only consisted of me, alone) was the Program Operations.
Best boss I’ve worked with whilst in the organisation.
A very intelligent and meticulous on-the-dot French man who would take time within his busy schedule to ALWAYS place his team members first.
His working style is pretty much the same as mine (as with the rest of the team), which makes work being done near to perfect.

Of all the trainings that I’ve attended and partaking in IT/Safety & Security/Health courses, this was far most my fave… hands down.

We had to send in a letter with the approval of our supervisor/boss/CIO to join the course.
Selected few from a long list of NGO/non-profit organisations around Asia.

I was trained by them to provide assistance in network and telecommunication emergency response for the victims of natural disasters/conflicts/etc. aka.. trained on VSATs, BGANs, SAT phones and dishes, fixed and mobile satellite communications, mobile technologies (3G, mobile data collection, etc), computer hardware and maintenance, networking (LAN, WAN, WIFI), GPS, mapping and tracking… etc.

In 2013, there was a re-shuffling of departments.
Humanitarian was moved under Operations and grew really huge.
Whilst IT was placed under Administration.
My boss, the Admin Manager was a local Singaporean Chinese.

In early 2014, the HQ decided to “centralise” IT, thus, I was promoted and my job scope, was mostly Asia-based rather than locally… although, it only means more work, since, I’m the only IT person in the office anyway.

My boss, a Nepalese, the Asia Regional IT Manager, together with the other 4 IT regional managers work under the CIO.
In short, everything has been “controlled” by HQ.
Thus, he’s pretty much the 3rd change in boss and the last (before I leave).


So, here’s my beloved Asia Regional IT Team!

These are all the IT managers in Asia.
The population of IT ladies have grown to 4 (as far as I know of) in the whole of Asia.

In no particular order, the men and lady from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal & Bhutan, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan and Vietnam.
Ex-Global Systems Manager from US – recently left and System Engineer from London.. not really sure what’s his post.
I’m also overlooking the rest who aren’t with our main team like Thailand and DPRK (North Korea), as well.

But since, I’m in Level 2, I’ll pick up tickets from the other regions whenever I can.
Countries such as Iraq, Israel, occupied Palestinian territory, Syria, South Sudan, Mali, Mozambique, etc.
Contacting the guys of the same position as me from the other regions as often as I can.
Well, yeah… I’m not exactly a talkative person, but, I do love a good fun chat with similar-minded people.

All of these guys are awesome and they always make my day! ❤

In mid 2014, I joined the Safety & Security team as the focal person in my country.
Pretty much took up way too many Safety & Security courses in a very short span of time.

People would mistakenly think this is IT Security (if I were to mention it).
It’s pretty much the basis of safety and security as a whole.
We are trained on what to do if we were deployed to high-risked countries (other than those who are already living there and working in the team).
The choices we’d make when faced with issues like terrorism, fraud, safety of the people like an event of fire/other issues, war (even on the different uses/types weapons), health safety concerns like first aid and even outbreaks of the past and present of the flu pandemic and ebola.
Although, only the basics, thus, not comparable with those who are fully trained in the military/medical and whatnot… of course.

It created a spark within me.
I wished I had gotten into this field instead, but, it wouldn’t have been as exciting if we’re only talking about working within Singapore, which is the case, since I doubt I’d be moving out (at least, any time soon).

Here comes the end of 2014.
Made up my mind to move on.

It has been a journey.
Definitely learned a lot!
Working with people from different walks of life.
No boring 9-5 mundane and monotonous cycle.
I was even given the chance to take up different kinds of courses/training and even joined another department altogether with their arms wide open (and warmly… most of the guys are the sweetest down-to-earth kind).

Been an honour to work with a lot of them, who have taught me so much.

I’ve heard people telling me that if they had gone into IT, they would’ve been able to “catch up to me”.
Ahhh… everyone thinks that they’re an IT “expert” (or at least intermediate) just because they know a couple of things at their fingertips.
I would reply honestly,

“Yes, I’m sure you can, without a doubt.
Just like any other person who gets well-versed in a subject, with time.
But, will you have the same amount of passion as I do?”

Heck… even I don’t know a lot of things!!!

❤ Icesabel


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