10 random things

You’ll soon notice that… I love reading 9gag…. a little… way too much.


Just got back from a date with my ‘lil sis. >_<

Watched “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb”.

Not sure why… but, it wasn’t as interesting, funny or nice as the last two.
A little shopping afterwards.
Dinner at The Manhattan Fish Market.

Food wasn’t as good as it used to and it took ages before our food was served, but, I actually tipped (despite the extra service charge because I pity the (only) 2 servers who had to run around serving, taking orders, doing cashier, etc!!
Then, we had a teapot of fruit tea and a big slice of fruit tart each.
Before heading back to our neighbourhood to have tea and catch up on some talk at Starbucks before heading home.


This has been me for the past week.

Somehow, I’ve been neglecting some work.
Not that I haven’t done anything, but, the speed of finishing requests have dropped tremendously.
I do consciously feel guilty and pity the guys at times… but, I really really really… don’t have the heart to continue on as I used to.


It dawned to me that people like to ask “how are you” out of courtesy or clear awkwardness of some sort, annoy me.

Well, people who say “nice to meet you”, actually, pisses me off as well.


Why not both?


Watched The Hobbit last week.

All I see whenever the elves appear… was… their hair!
They’ve got perfect hair!!
My hair is nothing compared to those gorgeous “wigs”.

Some dwarf stuff~

And… Kili.. is probably the most good looking one in this edition.

WARNING: Stupid Tauriel kisses Kili after he died. After he died? Really? Come on </3


Telling the person you love what you really feel.

Love this anime. ❤


Hearthstone cards that’ll make you do a face-palm.

If you don’t get it…
Well, if you put out the Darth Vader card, you get to summon 3 Stormtroopers.
“Each doing 30 damage… which equals to an easy death to the opponent, right?”

You then realise that apart from each Stormtrooper having just ONE hp…
99% of the time, they’ll miss the target.


This news is way too late, but, still… known as “The Father of Video Games”, Rudolf Heinrich Baer passed on 2 weeks back.

NO to those games never being made. 😥


The truth about the gaming world now.


Probably, only the ones whom I’m closest to.
The rest?
I don’t need anyone’s pity or change in feelings/thoughts in any way.
If you’re a bitch or I’m an enemy in your eyes, stay that way.
(Doesn’t matter if there was a change of heart in that spur of moment)
That’ll tell apart between the gems who I’d rather be with in my final year.
Although… there might be a possibility that the enemy might turn into your best friend. (people do change)
Which could also mean the best last year of your life as well.
Ah well…
I’ll spend every moment with those I love the most.

❤ Icesabel



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