The kind of days where you feel touched and sad.

Am I lucky to be around people who would always say “thank you” after every request done?
Especially being in a so-called thankless job most other IT people would complain about.
I haven’t spread the word widely that I’m leaving yet, but, there are a few I’ve spoken to.
I’d be damned if those weren’t the saddest thing to hear from each and every one of them.

Just received a card from one, who was the Asia Regional Head of Logistics:

“You are always there and available to help, even when we don’t hear or see you. The quiet person but the friendliest and most efficient IT person I’ve known.”

That was what my future boss said to me.
“We will always be at the back-end, unseen and unknown, until something crops up. But, that should be on rare occasions.”
When I asked what he wanted out of me during the 3rd round of interview.

This time around, I didn’t even bother to ask for a counter-agreement when asked to stay.
That white flag on my head says it all.
But, shucks… oh shucks… I really feel like I miss them all so badly now. 😦

My leave will start next week.
Then it’ll just be 2 weeks of work before I leave for the new place.
Time… sometimes, it feels like it’s flying by way too quickly.

I really hope they don’t set up those surprising “last day party” that they always do with everyone.
Will be really awkward.
I hate talking unnecessarily like that.

</3 Icesabel


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